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This is a stupid question? Answered

This is a stupid question?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Stupid questions do not exist, only stupid answers.

"There are no stupid questions, only stupid people." -- Mr. Garrison.

Around here the classic question is " Is it ? Yeh ?" I defy to say that isn't a stupid question.

No, this (the post) isn't a question at all. It's an assertion disguised as a question.

Yes, you are asking a stupid question. Now go back to watching your basic cable.

what did you want from this?



7 years ago

This izz a stoopid anser.

a stupid question is nonexistent because if you do not know the answer to your question it is a genuine QUESTION but there are stupid answers and no shortage of stupid people

Falls into the class or humour called IRONY

If the gentleman asking the question is blind or does not know how to read then, the cartoon will make perfect sense.

He may also be english second language, or some form of autistic, or otherwise mentally challenged.