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This is harder than i thought. Answered

This will be hard, oh yes, this will be hard, yet, i have to do it, to have the chance at least to win a macbook, i've wanted one for a while.


You have the same computer setup as me but I only have 6 gb of ram...

I only have 200ish mb of ram on my desktop...(I think it is about 256 Mb or something along those lines)

My old computer had that much, I just got this one a couple months ago. And I was being sarcastic about their being only 6gb.

And what would it be that you're doing, exactly?

You do notice what contest this bulletin is in, don't you?

huh. I could have sworn i clicked be the first to start a topic in the united states of efficiency contest.

This isn't a forum topics, it's some kind of comment / statement you've made. So at a guess, you did put it there, but was moved here because it's essentially empty.


No i found it through the contest. Its there.
no I am not following you