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This is like having an AA meeting in a bar Answered

Seriously...it is! Thoughts?


 yes i agree with you and i think it awesome


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> Thoughts?

Instant Chooseausername's brain clipboard : I should have not mixed this so acid tomato juice with the red beans ... This ruined the taste of the chicken escalope. Also,I wonder how old was this lady pharmacist ... and I can't believe Adrian Monk is a girl ...That's so bizarre ... I'm tired.

Oh,by the way, when you said "thoughts ?", you did not mean "related thoughts", did you ?

yes, I did, and it is not bizarre! It is perfectly normal to be female. In fact, half of the world's population is female.

Do you mean since as eggs, we all had an X chromosome? Do you not count sperm as "us"?

I know...I was saying, "I dunno about snails, but I think that is true for mammals". :-)

Not in the same way we do. The "male" gender chromosome isn't necessarily a truncated version of the female, the way it is in humans (that's why it's called "Y"). All of the Metazoa (all multicellular animals) reproduce sexually, by mixing chromosomes from two different individuals and then switching pieces between the corresponding ones from each individual. Some, like ants, can also produce viable offspring asexually, but those clones are themselve infertile. But I think you were getting at a slightly different point, "do snails come in male and female versions?" No. Snails are hermaphroditic, having both male and female genitalia. When they mate, the opposing parts of two individuals hook up and they fertilize each other. A "weird" (in our limited, parochial view) procedure, but it still works to keep the genes mixed up and changing ("descent with modification"). PLEASE, look up all of this stuff at your local library, or in Wikipedia, to get more information and fill in the details I've glossed over.

No before forming in to specific sexes we start as girls, then the Y chromosome takes over and the ovaries become testicles... etc...

No! There is a 1% Better chance that you'll have a boy as a child than a girl.

Sorry, it's a 2% chance. So logically that means that there are 2% more men than women in the world.


Your data is for the United States only. The conversation was about the worldwide population.

The test was conducted in the US but, as far as I can see, the results are worldwide.

Okay, Wikipedia says that the human tertiary sex ratio is considered to be 105 males to 100 females. So it appears you are correct.

I have no doubt that what it says is correct, that the ratio is skewed by selective abortion and infanticide. :(

Ah but there is links between food intake influencing the sex of babies as well... And the more nutrients the mother intakes, the more likely they are to give birth to a male, and when food is scares they are more likely to give birth to a females, so how will this all pan out with rising food costs and food shortages ?? Sure right now there is more males but how long will it last....

So far as you can see? Meaning what, exactly?

Don't take it personal, I just genuinely don't get what that means...

FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER!!! Why do the images attach automagically!

And here's the evidence:

The 51/49 Boy/Girl Ratio
The ratio of 51% boys to 49% girls seen here is representative of overall US birth rates. There are many hypotheses about why there are slightly more boys born each year than girls, but no one knows for sure why this is so. Here are a couple of the theories:

  • Males are more fragile (male infants are less likely to survive their first year, and a man's expected lifespan is less than a woman's). The slightly higher conception rate of males is nature's way of evening out the balance.
  • As Shettles contents, Y-bearing male-producing sperm may have a speed advantage over X-bearing female-producing sperm, more often winning the race to fertilize the egg and resulting in more male conceptions.

Regardless of the reason, the 51/49 ratio remains constant year to year throughout the US population.
"NLSY", the National Longitudinal Study of Youth

> yes, I did,

Too late .......

> and it is not bizarre! It is perfectly normal to be female. In fact, half of the world's population is female.

However (hopefully ?), only few of them are named Adrian, Tom or Roger ......

Seriously : That's so weird that you choose a male name ! It's like if I named myself ...
(*trying to remember a cool female character*)
(*still trying to remember a cool female character*)
(*still still trying to remember a cool female character*)
(*still still still trying to remember a cool female character*)
... Alice just because I like « Alice in Wonderland », and that everybody think I'm a girl, and that all of a sudden, I tell to everyone that I'm a man with hairy legs and hairy bottom ......... Wouldn't you find that disturbing ????

Okay, I give up .............. Xo(

I hate having a hairy butt... however combining stencilling and fire shaving I might add a design...

Ah, you're French, no? And you're just pulling our collective leg, yes? You must be, with common male given names in France, like:

Rene, Jean, Francis, Alexis, Stephane ?
(sorry, I cannot include the accents, since the forum will mangle 'em.)

I'm not knocking the French, names are a cultural thing... And I know some of these are not pronounced as we would the feminine.

(Congratulations, I've just spent 10 minutes trying to find the meaning of "pulling our collective leg" ... ! And I'm still not even sure how to interpret this idiom ! lol)

> Rene, Jean, Francis, Alexis, Stephane ?

I guess most of them are unisex name in the US ?? =oP
However, I wonder how Francis and Alexis managed to become unisex ...

About mine, even in my own country, my first name is not so common (everybody tend to misspell it !)


hehe. Normally, it's "you must be pulling my leg", which translates loosely to "you're having a bit of fun at my expense." Changed it to a form of "you must be pulling our leg." ;-)

I guess most of them are unisex name in the US ?? =oP

--Francis is common for both men & women, although it's becoming more common for girls.
--Alexis is generally female. Alex is the more masculine here, short for Alexander. Alexi is heard occasionally. Both are unisex.
--Stephane is anglicized to Stephen.
--Rene is generally female.
--Jean is almost exclusively feminine, and is pronounced "gene"--we use the anglicized "John" instead, which sounds like the french "Jean."
(and "Gene" itself is short for "Eugene," which is masculine.)

And for our British friends, substitute "americanized" for "anglicized."

I've heard of girls called Alex and stephanie.

Yep, Alex and Alexi are unisex. Stephanie is closer to the French Stephane than Stephen, anyway...

I don't think Adrian's just a guy's name either (although I'm sure it's not your real name... ;-) Not like you picked "Crusher" or "Bulldog..."

Thank you for the support! Why does Adrian have to be male?? It dosen't.

No, Adrian is not my real name. Don't bother trying to stalk me!

. I know several females named Adrian. And then there's Adrian Barbeau (although it may actually be Adrienne). Not a very common female name, but becoming more popular.

Lol! Adrian isn't my real name, but sometimes I wish it was...I agree, I think it can be a beautiful name for a female.

Don't bother trying to stalk me!

(looks up at the content of the thread. rolls eyes.)
You're welcome.

88.46 percent of people with the first name Adrian are male.

From How Many of Me.

If US parents give French male first-name to their girl, then, we have good reasons to "pull your collective leg" lol

I'm not even sure Francis (derivative of François) has a female form. The closest female ones are Fransisca, or Francine, or Françoise.

Alexis is male (and comes from Russia ; it's the diminutive of Alexander). Female forms are Alexia, or Alexandra.
Alex (as a diminutive) is unisex.

Stephane is exclusively male. It is also spelled Stephan. Female forms is Stephanie.
Steph (as a diminutive) is unisex.

René is male, and its female form is Renée (same pronunciation though).

As for Jean, if it's mainly female in the US, I guess it's because there are two first-names with the same spelling and different origins : english version is female, and french version is male.
In France, the female form of Jean (John) is Jeanne (Jane), or Jeanette.

However, it's interesting to note that we don't do the same mistake :
- I've never seen a french girl called Kevin, Steve or Dick !!

> And for our British friends, substitute "americanized" for "anglicized."

Shouldn't it be Anglicised ?? lol

Alexi seems more a Russian form than Alexis.

Of course, almost none of these (except perhaps Rene) are of French origin... Which (obviously) was my point. Why get hung up on names and name gender, when language is so adaptable?

If you want to critique U.S .names, look to the horribly mangled "creative" spelling of some parents....

Shouldn't it be Anglicised ?? lol

S or z are both acceptable...

Although yes--the "z" form isn't acceptable to the Brits!

(*trying to remember a cool female character*) (*still trying to remember a cool female character*) (*still still trying to remember a cool female character*) (*still still still trying to remember a cool female character*) You just made my point. Sadly, there are not a ton of cool female characters that are recognizable. Sorry if I disturbed you, but I'm just excercising my right to pick whatever username I wish!

Okay Okay ...

Here is my proposal :
- instead of changing your name to "Adriana Monka", could you, please, become a man ?? (I've heard they've done neat progresses in surgery)

As for "cool female characters", here is what I've found :
- Wonder Woman
- Super Jenny
- Mary Popins
- Laura Ingalls
- Doctor Queen
- Barbie
- C.J. Parker
- Max Guevara (Dark Angel)
- Xena
- Ugly Betty
- Dana Scully
- Ally MacBeal
- Fran Fine
- Diana [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V_(TV_series)#Notes (V)] <---------- My favourite !
- ...

Here is a test : Which TV-series heroine are you ?
(I'm 77% Dana Scully)

It is a good thing we are not talking in person. Good for you! >:( I hate all of the above characters. With a passion.

> It is a good thing we are not talking in person. Good for you! >:(

You're right ! You'd fall in love with me, and I'd be forced to break your heart ... =o( That would make me so sad ........ =o(

> I hate all of the above characters. With a passion.

Even her ?