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This is some weird weather Answered

I live in (near) Windsor, Ontario, Canada. As we all know its January. I took these pictures of my back yard today at 151pm on January 7th 2008. the temperature outside is 69 degrees ferinhiet or 20.5 degrees celsius the same temperature as Phoniex, Arizona. this is pretty weird, Eh?


im in vancouver right now today we had snow, slush, hail, rain, and sunshine.......im scared....

Yep, thats weird. I live in Oklahoma. On Jan 31 we got 6" of snow. On Feb 3 it was 81 deg, in Tulsa and on Feb 4 we had another 2" of snow. I am 42 yrs old and have never seen anything like that and I was born here. I have talked to people in their 70's and they too have never witnessed anything like it. Read up on the worlds rivers drying up, glacial meltdown, species dying off. It all adds up to our future not looking to promising. Also read Revelations in the Bible. Something to think about. Roybob

(dark and foreboding music)


You live next to the beach? Awesome!

Well, kind of. I live right on a cliff thats about 50 feet. you can climb down and swim off the rocks but if its rough out its a little dangerous. its about a 5 minute walk along the cliffside to get to the nearest sandy beach. its so much fun out where I am in the summertime when you can swim and fish and jetski and so on... the winter can be very very quiet though... not many people stay out here year round. its beautiful to look at and can be fun on a skidoo but very very quiet and cold.

Cool, cold is bad, but still, that's awesome. At least you can Instructable in peace. ;-)

lol....true... I have a heated workshop in the back yard... I spend a lot of time in there in the winter months... waiting for the 90 degree weather to return

Oh, cool, I wish my room was like a workshop. One half with a bed, posters, stuff. Other half, soldering irons, screwdrivers, hard drives, computers, components, stuff. Haha. By the way, in the water (in the pictures above), are those glaciers or something?

lol...no no.... its the Great Lake Erie. in the winter the shoreline will freeze up about 6-10 Km out. there just sheets of ice... it breaks up and re-freezes all winter long with the water movement.

well, at certain times it would be possible to walk on... but around here I wouldn't recomend it... if it cracks or you find a weak spot you done for... there are many spots along lake Eire where it freezes solid enough to skate on and there are alot of Ice fishing spots on lake Erie depends on water movement, deepth, width and so on.

Cool! And what I meant in the other comment was "Is it". Sorry. :P If you were to fall in the water, you would freeze, badly, huh?

well... you'd probably get stuck under the ice and drown....if you managed to make it out you'd most definatly be hypothermic.

Haha. Do the trees do that thing at where you live, when the make popping noises like guns?

not sure what you mean...... when there's heavy ice on the lake it makes thunderous echoing noises that shake the earth when it cracks........ the trees make some funny noises after freezing rain...... nothing I would describe as gun shots

Have you heard of the author Gary Paulsen? He wrote a series of books about a kid named Brian who was stuck in the forest or something for about a year, there's about 4 books, and in Brian's Winter, it says that he was in his cave thing, and he heard "gunshots." He thought it was people, so he got scared, and when he went outside, he saw something shoot out of the tree and it sounded like a gunshot, so he thought somebody shot the tree, but he realized that the tree pops like that when it's cold, and it sounds like gunshots (as said in the book.) Kind of confusing, huh?

Boston hit 80F. The trees started budding.

Yeah, here in Lancaster County, PA, the buds started to come out, got slowed up by the 3 inches of snow we had, and now are starting to open a little again *sigh* poor things. And the poor geese, some flying north, some west, so confusing.

There was a tornado in Washington today. South West to be exact. I'm glad I live more north of that.

wait.. Washington is in the north west...

Yeah but it was the south western part of it.

ha, its been hot here, too. course, i live in georgia, but it's normally not this ot this time of year... Global Warming, anyone? :]

I've been walking to work, and the last two days especially, I would roast in a jacket.

im wearing shorts and a tshirt and ive been outside all day! its crazy!!! (catsle hayne north carolina)

We've yet to have a winter in Orlando... No, we don't get snow and super cold... But the annoying cold typically does set in and my apartment does get rather frigid... This winter, however, none of that... My apartment has yet to drop below 68F naturally -- and we run the a/c during the day.... Sucks, because I like having cheaper energy bills in the winter :p

That is a beautiful backyard I must say! It was warmer than usual here in PA today.

Thanks...... i love it out here...... I have to trade off a long drive to work for the quiet and beautiful view....but its usually worth it

Yes, but here in PA it is that temp in January, and it is never that warm here (never before that is).

right now I am showing a temp of 640 F and climbing - a boost to the flu season for sure...


10 years ago

20C. ? that's a nice temperature!

I know.. its beautiful outside...... but the lake is frozen... there's fog just on the waters edge and there calling for thunderstorms tonight!!! it should be snowing! its january 7th and I'm wearing shorts looking at a frozen lake!