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This may be a real puzzler How do I build a tent around a suburban hatchback attached to a bumper pull horse trailer. Answered

 I camp with horses for competitive weekend rides.  I have a 2 horse bumper pull that I pull with a large Suburban. Because the horse or horses usually  have to be tied to the trailer(competition rules)  it is safer to leave the bumper pull attached to the suburban. I have been living and sleeping out of the back of the suburban and I need more room and privacy when we finally get back to camp from riding all day.  
The bumper pull has a tack room located on the same side as the passenger  side of the suburban.  That tack room is loaded with tack, feed, hay and water as well and depending on the campsite a  portable potty. 
I would like to find a way to run a tent from the suburban back hatch,.over the trailer hookup to the trailer and encompass the tack room. So basically the tent would come off the back of the hatchback which I would leave open of course and most of the living walking and storage area would be on the passenger and tack room side.  
this way I can enter from the side ....be able to insure my tack stays dry ..keep coolers and other equipment contained and still sleep in the suburban. One little thought is that I may need to close the hatchback and lock the suburban when we are all away from camp.  although there is usually a camp steward who stays in camp.

Oh...Did I mention this has to be fairly easy because...1.  I am pretty builder DIY limited even though I do give it my best shot and 2.  During competitive events there is not a lot of time to set up for human needs as we are judged 24/7 those weekends on how we tend to the horse's needs. 


Sounds like you might be over-designing this just a bit. Would it work to have something like one of those 10x20 "Instant setup" camping canopy things w/ zip-on walls butted up against the side of the suburban & trailer, maybe with an extra tarp attached along the "carward" side to be thrown over the top of the vehicle to tie it all together? Here a link to what I'm talking about:


It's not the most DIY of solutions, but it would meet your requirements of minimal building and quick setup. There are also larger garage-sized ones that you could just park the whole shebang inside, but those might take a little longer to set up.

Everyone's suggestions have been helpful and gotten my brain to thinking.  I like the add a room idea (angry redhead's suggestion) but looks like I would need an awning attachment to make that work. I would need to check the specs and measurements of something like that compared to my trailer.
I went to the site you suggested and they also have screen rooms Which might be the best solution.  I can put one of those up against the trailer or suburban and have the extra room I need.  Might have to configure a piece overhead using re-designs ideas to attach to the suburban and trailer to insure that no water leaks in when I have it up against the suburban.   An extra roof if you will to insure that when it rains the water drains away from the living area.  
I need to keep thinking and drawing designs. But while not entirely DIY it certainly helps with a solution.  I think a huge horse trailer with live in quarters is the best solution <G>  But kinda pricey between buying a truck to pull it and the trailer too.  

I don't know  how much modification you'd want to do to your Suburban, but if you could add a bracket or flange (or two- and maybe a couple on the trailer as well) to help support the tent poles, possibly on the bumpers... That might actually be pretty stable. Hmm...

Magnets would make a great way of tying the tent to the vehicle.

I think I see what you want to do, but HOW you do it is so dependent on the exact arrangement of the vehicles we can't be too specific.

Is this the kind of style of thing you are looking for ?

If I didnt have to keep the bumper pull trailer hooked up to the suburban this would work.  Some people say that if the bumper pull isnt hooked up to the truck that a horse (if he got spooked) when tied to the trailer could pull the trailer over on him.  I have a hard time with that as my trailer weighs about 3500 pounds.  Some camp grounds have hitching posts to use to tie the horses and we can high tie between two trees but that is not the norm   It all has to do with the competition regulations.  
Also some of the camping spaces are tight and narrow.  Just enough room for a hooked up trailer and truck and some side space that allows room for the horse.  
This configuration off the back of the suburban would be the ideal but I can't count on being able to do this at all camp sites.  THANKS SO MUCH

I think a horse could drag a loose trailer all over the place and do lots of damage even if he couldn't pull it over on him.  I

Run stout cords or rods between the corner of the car to the corner of the trailer.  If you want it bigger run rods across those and out longer on the side you want longer.  If you run it longer then put poles under the corners that overhang.  Cover the supports with canvas or tarp.  That's the basic covering.  put tiedowns or use strong magnets to hold the tarp to the car and trailer in several places.  You could just over lap one side for a door, and spread and tack down a tarp for a floor.

 probably need to draw a pic of this. But i think I understand.  I live by tie downs Duct tape, velcro strips and magnets so that is not anything new. 
Probably would help if I first take measurements of the two vehicles I am trying to build a tent around. 

I'm having a hard time visualizing what you're trying to say, and if what I can visualize is correct, that sounds really complex.  What about using something like this, adding some "curtains", and sleeping there?

 THIS IS A GREAT IDEA.  I didnt know they made things like this. It would allow me to keep the bumper pull trailer hooked up and work off the side of the vehicle.  keeping the side doors open to crawl in and out of.   I imagine they might make these with flaps for privacy but if not you are right...I could hang curtains. 
I sleep on an air mattress in the back of the suburban so this configuration would allow me to keep all my camping gear under shelter and accessible.  It allows head room so I can dress and enough room to put chair in and read ....Plus it allows me to watch the horse.  The other thing I like about this is that I can put it on either side of the suburban .  THANKS.