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This may not be the most appropriate place to ask such a question but....? Answered

 My Nintendo Wii, has an amazingly hard time playing online for some reason, I have done everything, I have added an older router as an access point to extend the range and everything (I am sure this part is done correctly, just so thats not all the suggestions I get), I have checked Nintendo's site tons of times for any help, which didn't help at all... Can anyone suggest anything that may help. I have been thinking about using of the 'ibles here about making an extender antenna. Suggestions greatly appreciated!!

A little extra info on my wireless
- I do have the second router set up to extend the range
- The Wii says its getting full strength signal
- I have used my Wii on other wireless networks with the same brand of routers (Belkin) and it works fine

Thanks in advance.



Best Answer 8 years ago

How fast is your internet connection?  Are other computers on the network bogging down the connection?  Have you tried giving the Wii a fixed IP address?

Im not sure what the speed is, but it is cable internet, the same provider as the second location that works very well.

There is only the main computer (Mac) and a laptop (Mac), again same as the second location.

And no I have not, I'm not entirely sure how to do this... Could you give me a little how-to and some general information on it?


I'm not sure it would even help, but when you go in to set the Wii's network settings you should be able to specify "automatic" or "Manual."  Choose manual and type in an address like or something. 

But again, I'm not sure that would do any good.  there may be some other settings in the Wii or the router that are slowing things down, too.  It's hard to know without being able to see in person.

 ok cool, I will have to try that.


8 years ago

Well, there are a few wi-fi hacks here, like this guide:
But what exactly is the problem? Won't it connect? Is the connection dropping all the time?

Try and find out if someone isn't maybe using/stealing your wi-fi (like a thieving neighbour) and clogging up your bandwidth. 

Look here:

And here:

Hope this helps.

 thank you for the reply! 
the main problem is that in online games, namely The Conduit, I sit in the matchmaking screen until it times out, the actual internet browser and Wii connect 24 works fine...

Thanks again!