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"This video contains content from SME" message Answered

Hi everyone. 

I have an Instructables I recently posted which contains some videos. I've never had trouble with people viewing my videos on previous instructables I've posted, but on my most recent one, E4-B4 Astromech Droid, on of the videos has the following message...

This video contains content from SME. It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on YouTube."

So first off, what the heck is SME? If it's such an issue, what does it leave a link to view the video on YouTube, which it plays in anyway? How can I get rid of it? And why is it that Instuctables.com is one of the sites that has this issue? This particular video does contain some third party content which I do have their permitton to use, so I don't see why I get this rather annoying message. 

Thanks guys. 


Apparently "SME" is Sony Music Entertainment, and they're accusing you of using music to which they own the copyright.

Thanks for the reply. It's appreciated. It's funny how they let the video play through YouTube directly but not through the Instructables website without clicking the "view on YouTube" link. Also strange as I have permission from the material owner to use there short content in my video.

Anyway, thanks again.

Actually, I noticed it only happens in the iOS app, not the web enabled website or full website view. Well I say mobile enabled website, but pressing on the video, any video, just brings up a screenshot of the videos title page, so I added links to the videos as well which is the only way to play them with this particular interface