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This will be my first year cooking Thanksgiving dinner? Answered

Should I buy any kitchen /cooking supplies I'll need for Thanksgiving in advance of the Holidays? I'm guessing I'll need some new pans, serving dishes and maybe a Cuisinart? When do most people buy the kitchen supplies they need for the Holidays?


If you are looking to buy roasting pans, sheet pans and things like ladles, serving spoons, serving forks, etc.  Go to a restaurant supply store.  The quality is great,  they have many different levels of price.  You have more options and you pay about the same as cheap stuff from K-Mart or Wally-World.  Kitchen stores at a mall are a rip off. 
Also, measure your oven dimensions so you don't come home with items that will not fit inside it.

Depending on how often you're going to cook turkey, and how large a bird you want to cook, disposable aluminum pans do work. Cuisinart: Depends on how ambitious you want to get with the things that go with the turkey, and how much you hate chopping things by hand and/or using mixes. Serving dishes: Up to you to decide how elegant you want to be about this. Measuring cups make fine gravy boats, as far as I'm concerned, and turkey slices can be heaped on a normal plate if you don't have a large one. Mixing bowls get pressed into service for serving other things. But some folks care more about formal presentation; if you're one of them, you may may want to pick up whatever you consider "proper" for the occasion. Suggestion: Plan your menu first, including figuring out what you're going to ask others to bring and how many you're cooking for. Get the recipes together. Then use that to plan what you're going to need in the way of cookware, serving dishes, place settings, tables and chairs, ... I typically don't buy the turkey until I see a good sale.

i'd say around October, but make sure that the time fits your budget if not then you should wait.