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Thompson Classic/Euro Classic electric bike headlamp & mainboard wiring.? Answered

Hi Folks.
I have a bit of a dilemma I hope one of you good people can help me with.
Nostalgic Girl asked me to get her old electric bike back on the road for her & all is going well apart from one small problem.
Someone had a go at it a couple of years ago & managed to unplug most of the wiring in the headlamp where all the clever stuff is controlled like the horn lights & most importantly the speed.
Normally this wouldn't be a problem as in a sensible world if you have six things to plug in you would use six plugs & sockets to wire it up, unfortunately on this there are six plugs but they have only used two different plug & socket sets one two pin type & one three pin type.
Just to add insult to injury there are two three pin with Red, Green, Black and one with Red, Green, Yellow & the Two pin ones have two Black, Red one for the horn & another for the front light & another Blue, Brown which I believe is for the brake light.
I would try a bit of trial & error work but I am just a little bit worried that the error bit may end up in my having to buy a new board.
Can anyone tell me where I can get a wiring diagram from? Or know which plug goes where on the board?
Thanks in advance for your help you clever people.


Have you tried contacting the manufacturer or seller to see if a shop manual or some similar advice is available?

The only other suggestion I've got, outside of finding someone who has experience working on these or has one to compare with, would be to trace out the bike's circuitry yourself and figure out from that what ought to be connected to what.

Good luck. "If it happens, it must be possible..."

I am still awaiting a reply from the company; I may try again later today by phone.
I already know what most of the connectors are for the problem is where to connect them on the main board, & sorting out each of the identically wired three pin connectors. the only indicator on the board itself are marks alongside the connectors like TZ, XM etc which I am sure are invaluable in a Chinese assembly plant but not much good in a Hertfordshire garden.
I am a member of a local online recycling community; it's a fair bet that someone on there may have a similar bike I will ask there later today.
Thanks for the suggestions.

I notice the date as June 2011 on your request for info.
I was curious if you were able to contact Thompsons company.

I have a similar delema, trying to get a readable instruction manual. We have purchased two new Thompson Electric bikes, they were supposed to pre-assembled, one was still in the box and my husband didn't check it. Now we are trying to complete the assembling of tire and other parts. The booklet really doesn't help. Not complete instructions.

The sad part is that the dealership Thompsons in Fresno isn't open on weekends. Hard to complete the project on a weekend. I was curious if you ever was able to get yours back together with connecting electrical. We will need to do that portion too.

Appreciate your help.

I have contacted the company, still awaiting a reply.
Btw I don't think it's the Thompsons in your link but thanks for trying :-)

hmm... yeah, that's a possibility. It's not like "Thompson" is a trademark name...But I hope it pans out.

The only other thing I could suggest is along the lines of what Ork suggested, ie, mapping the circuits. Do you have a Multimeter?


7 years ago

Searched crazy......... No luck,  sorry.
It's gonna take someone who actually has one on hand.

I think you mat be right, I have emailed the company but ot had a reply as yet.
Thanks for looking :-)