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Thor's hammer with microwave magnet Answered

Did you guys see this! I bet one of you could make one too! Pretty cool! Enjoy!

Someone Built A Real-Life Thor's Hammer That Can Only Be Lifted By Its Creator



now what happens if the owner hands it to some one else? :)

I imagine the magnet would then re-activate.

Since it's fingerprint activated, only the owner can deactivate the magnet and pick it up. So maybe as soon as he lets go, the magnet kicks back in.

I was thinking to make it more universal, but still tricky, put some sort of secret slider that deactivates the magnet with a switch so it can be used by anyone- once you know the secret! Kind of like the magnetic secret sliders you can put in the top/cornice of wood working projects like a dresser top or coffee table.

The Banksy/ guerrilla artist in me wants to just make these without being deactivate and place them in places in public as permanent art.

But I was too scared to put LED eyes on the statue in town last Halloween so I'll have to leave it up to some other rebel!

Yikes! Scary! I'm no magnet aficionado! Stuff like this is out of my league! We use to drag magnets thru the dirt to pick up what we called pig iron, but I don't think that is even a correct term!

I'm not either so don't take my word for it but if no one can lift it it must be a pretty powerful magnet and strong magnets can crush fingers

I saw that - fun!