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(SOLVED) Three-Legged Switch - Help Please! Answered

I recently took apart a transmitter for a set of wireless headphones that gave up on me. I salvaged a few capacitors, 4 infra red LEDs, and a switch.The problem is, I don't know how to use the switch as it has 3 legs. The only switches I know of have 2 legs. It only has 2 positions (on and off). 

Could anyone let me know how to use it?



If it has three single (as opposed to three pairs) of actual contacts, this would "probably" be an on/on switch (or can be used as an on/off switch if the middle one and one other contact is used). The middle one normally is one contact and then, depending on the switch setting, the current would flow through one or the other contacts.

One more thing, that makes this a single pole, double throw switch.

The toggle looks like it might slide rather than pivot. Maybe on/on, maybe on/off/on?

Many sliding toggle switches with 3 legs use the center post to connect to one side or the other (either by sliding the contents or by using a rocker switch underneath the slider handle). It can be used as on/off, or as on(left) or on(right).

It's hard to see from your photo, but some of these sliding switches have extra "legs" that are purely there for mechanical strength, supporting the contacts that carry current.

To test the legs, make a simple circuit (battery and bulb), and connect different combinations of legs to the circuit.