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Three kittens, winter coming soon, Any Easy DIY House Ideas? Answered

Winter is arriving soon. Michigan gets some nasty winters. We have three kittens, and the momma living outside. { they are not ours, they are wild cats. They are not mean, one lets me pet it . They are all from the same litter. Adorable too!} We already have two cats inside, or else I would take them in. 
- I just would a nice easy simple cozy place for them.
.. Any Suggestions.? ..


There is the old light in a tin box in a doghouse trick.

Take a 100 watt light bulb put it in a tin box and connect it to a thermostat set for 0 degrees and it will only come on when it is really cold.



4 years ago

There are many possibilities, it really depends on the circumstances and what is available to you (and them) . They can survive the cold pretty good, although if it gets to far below 0 they might get their ears frostbit. A Bigger problem is food and shelter from the storms. I have an old mobile home that was given to me that I use for storage and have had the cats in if they wanted. They do keep it free from mice.
Although Burf's idea sounds good the reality is they would probably be put to sleep after a short time. Shelters can't afford to keep animals indefinitely and if they don't appear to be adoptable they may get put on the short list.
Sometimes if you advertise on a free trader or something similar you might find a farm home for them. I adopted out a mom and her 4 kittens (someone dumped her at my place when she was very pregnant. Withing a week she had her kittens. She and the kittens stayed in the mobile home for several months. ) They all went to a farm that had been vacant for several years and was overrun with mice. The owners had recently bought it and were trying to make it livable again so the cats were really welcome.
You might find my Instructable interesting reading.


4 years ago

Catch them and take them to a shelter where they can be neutered and hopefully, put in good homes. Feral cats live a difficult, hazardous and usually short life.