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Three of my old hobbies, which would you be more intrested to see as an instructable? Answered

Okay, so I've been friggin bored as hell this week, the park is surrounded by security and police so I can't blow up, or go shooting or anything. (No one got killed though, it's just a bunch of noise.) So I'm planning of doing an instructable of one of my old hobbies, but I'm still deciding which would be more intresting. What would you prefer? Bonsai trees Sushi or some magic tricks?


bonsai would be great if you do you must put loads of pics of your bonsais

mod your computer ( yes, i know, its not one of the topics, lol)

i would like to see the one on the bonsai tree. though the magic tricks would be interesting. i vote the tree though.

. If I have to pick only one, I'd prefer magic tricks. . Can you make K'nex disappear? ALL of them? heehee

Eh, now I hate magic tricks. I used to love it once, but now I hate it. Also , people in those damn penguinmagic fourums are @ssholes!

Lol An Illuminated Antichrist who has bonsai as hobby ? I wanna see that ! ;-) I vote Bonsai, dear I.A. ;-)

LOL Thats not my only hobby, I also collect fossils, collect coins and currency, collect swords , magic tricks , make homemade firearms , explosives, paint, take pictures , video games, and I think thats it.

Ha haaaaaaaaaa .... Interesting ... Maybe would you make an instructable about how to collect fossils ?? You know : - where do we have more chances to find them ... - how do we get them out of earth ... - how to remove all the earth around them without damaging them ... - how to identify them ... - how to conserve them better ... - etc :-) Do you think it would be possible ??? :-)

Bonsai. I always wanted to learn how!

Gosh, this bonsai instructable is more difficult than I thought it would be, since there are different ways to make bonsai (it all depends on the tree and how you want it to look)I'm not preforming all the techniques of bonsai training because the plant material I selected did not require a few important techniques to look like the way I wanted. So I'm planning to take a few pictures from the internet (the ones that are not copyrighted) to help illustrate some techniques and procedures I did not include on the tree I'm making. Kind of hard to understand, but you will get it once you see my instructable.

All images are copyrighted at the time of production. I assume you mean creative commons pictures? I think flickr has a pool of CC pictures.

Magic... I love illusions but can't do them, a video in it would be exelent. I'm not from england, I just like the sound of, ello mate. Mainly from Steve Erwin. Silence... ok... he he but, ya, Magic would be nice.

Magic with Sushi.


ALL THREE!!! In order from fav. to lesser fav. 1. Bonsai Tree (always thought they were shweet) 2. Magic (cause who doesn't like magic) 3. Sushi (Still cool, not as cool as the first 2)


magic tricks and bonsai trees i had a bonsai tree once and theni didnt water it and it died

Why not do all three? As I've said several times;

Whatever you post, somebody will find it interesting, even if they only turn up here via Google.


10 years ago

You should make a Instructable on Bonsai trees although it would take a year.

I've already started on that, I'm on step two right now. Though it is recommended to take time in making a bonsai tree, I have been able to make a complete bonsai within a week, it justs take a lot of care in that first year. However, when I make this instructable, I will make it in one week, but in the instuctions I might put something like "allow the tree to recover for 3-4 months".


10 years ago

Bonsai and/or sushi would be good.


10 years ago

although getting the fish might be tricky it has to be fresh and not frozen, right?

Well, for people who are just starting on sushi, I might do the vegtable roll which has no fish. Then I might move on to somthing a bit more complicater.

Are u just starting on sushi though? Magic tricks entertain children, thats always fun.

No, I've been making sushi for a long time, but it's been a while since I made some.

I'd like to see both! For the sushi, start with a California Roll. All of the ingredients are readily available and it seems to be one of the more popular among the uninitiated.

or people who aren't into eating raw fish.


10 years ago

Bonsai trees, I have one and named him george