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Throat Problems - Scope Results - cause? - Diagnosis Answered

       Some of you have probably seen my other 2 OLD forum topics, but if you haven't, I will explain it to you here. I have been having BAD throat problems for a few months now. Since I was about 9 I had food getting stuck in my throat. So one day, I was eating lunch, and food got stuck, slid down my throat and into my wind pipe. I started choking and couldn't breath. After that dramatic incident, I noticed a new symptom. I physically could not swallow. And on top of that I had an old symptom: heartburn. So I go to a doctor. He says I would have to get a scope.

       So THIS is where the update begins. It was early September. I go in to get a scope. I wake up with the memory spam of a goldfish. So my family and I wait a while to go to the doctor for the results. So I go to my appointment where my doctor explains what is going on.
         ALL THE WAY DOWN my throat I have ulcers. Thus, around my ulcers they swell up, causing the difficulty swallowing

        There are these things that MOST (not all) people have called esophills. I cannot find any info on these things so I will explain them to you instead of a link. These "esophills" are basically cells in your throat that react to allergies. They could swell up, itch, burn, etc. Well, mine swell up. The average person has about 5. I have 21.          
         After explaining these things, my doctor says I have Eosinophilic Esophogitis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eosinophilic_esophagitis) and says I have to get an allergy test.

         Pardon my french in this paragraph....I go to see an allergist. He says to wait in the room for a few minutes until this hot girl comes in. She takes these blue pointy things and pricks me with them as liquid comes out. So she walks away, and we wait. 2 of the pricks start itching like hell. The doctor comes in, and says those two pricks are samples of corn and apples. Apples? No biggy. Corn? Damn...........why is that bad? Things that have corn that I was banned from: Soda, chips, pretzels, cereal, cereal bars, bread, and hell of a lot of other things.

        So I don't eat ANYTHING with corn for about a week until the blood test results come in. About a week after the allergist appointment, he calls and says corn and apples came out negative. So I could go back to eating things with corn.

       Tomorrow (10/4) I have to go get ANOTHER allergy test by taping food to my back. Hungary? Just rip the food off my back. Thanks for reading! C'ya will I go cry in a corner /sarcasm



Sounds a bit like guess-work. "You're allergic to (subcutaneous) corn - don't eat corn!" "Oh, that didn't work, let's see what else you're allergic to then..."


Yeh, kinda makes me angry.  Worst scenario, this takes months. But I am hoping to find out what it is so I can get the hell out of this phase!

You might think that if you had a specific allergy you might have worked it out by now: "I can manage OK on (this)" but I cannot finish a (that). I hope they get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later.
I do know there are some kids have feeding devices fitted:


Not so good. Don't feel too bad though: I used to be allergic to wheat, dairy, and eggs.

WOW...... that's all gone though, right?

Many allergies can be really hard to pin down.   For me, the only allergy I ever had (thankfully) was to Ragweed pollen, and that, I have mostly grown out of.   When I was a teen and into my 20's I would get hayfever so bad I could hardly see or do anything.  Sneezing, running nose, running eyes, and lymph nodes that went form the sized of the head of a pin, to the size of small marbles (swelling).    
Allergies are not fun, and they are not a good thing to ignore: some are very deadly.

Wow that I really sucks. I hope they find some way to help you.
I have a friend who's allergic to rice, lactose (So no milk and stuff like that) and a lot of other stuff. Last I heard, he has to get shots or pills or something just to stay healthy from not eating the stuff he's allergic to. He also can't get vaccines becomes one of the active ingredients is something he's allergic to.
Also, how does taping food to your back help you figure out what you're allergic to?

Oh wow.... not being able to get vaccines is pretty bad. Although, I never got the flu vaccine, yet I'm 1 of very few people who haven't been sick yet. There is a kid in australia or something and he's allergic too..... everything. He has to have tubes connected to him 20/7 (only 4 hours of freedom a day)

And the food on my back helps because if it reacts, we'll know there's a possiblity that's what I'm allergic to