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Thumbnails won't enlarge Answered

Hi! I'm a new member to Instructables and used to log in using the Facebook account (which now is broken) and now none of the thumbnail pictures I click on will enlarge. I can see the small pictures but when i click on them, nothing happens. Would this be an account-specific bug? Thanks for any help!


Something is blocking "GoogleAdServices" -when that's unblocked the thumbnails seem to work.


Okay thank you all for commenting to let me know about this. I'll check the links and good luck on fixing the issue :)

The problem is in the google code on each page.
Find out if any of your plugins blocks any of googles functions.

Most people are finding that switching adblocker off helps.

I have the same problem.

Win7 Pro
tons o' ram and good processor.

When i look at any instructables (even mine) I can't click on the small 4 thumbnails underneath and have them enlarge. This makes a lot of the functionality of the site useless as people put comments into their images (or at least, i do)