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TigerBalm Lantern Answered

Hi, I wanted to share this idea I had for using empty TigerBalm containers. Strip and clean a pot of TigerBalm. Take apart a T-light (LED candle). Drop the wiring into the pot (you might have to remake a basic battery holder - I used folded plastic and a rubber band).


. Yep - definitely needs to be an iBle. . Does it flicker?

You should make a full instructable out of this and enter it in one of the contests. I guess it would have worked as a tealight candle with the remaining product. The scent wouldn't be as pleasant but would sure clear up your sinuses.

Yes, i agree, this a great idea, and simple, and would make for a great full instructable.

lol, well it looks like I'll have to make one. Thanks for the support. I really didn't think the project was such a big deal.

Its not a big deal, but its a good idea!