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Tightening the joints of a flexible tripod Answered

I have a Targus Grypton - the small, original version. It's basically a Gorillapod Original clone. It worked great before, but now the head joints have loosened to the point that the tripod is virtually useless. Anyone know of a way to increase the friction so it works again?


Take out all the screws / unwindable things around that area, and then see what's wrong.

That's how I got a full size tripod for $7; it hardly worked. But now it does!

That would work for a regular tripod, but this one just has friction-based ball-and-socket joints. I can pop off one of the ones on the neck, but it doesn't have a screw or anything to tighten it.

I was thinking more along the lines of something I can apply to it to increase the friction, like the stuff made for string instruments.

Ahh I see.

Hmm... I don't honestly know, sorry.