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Tiltrotor UAV? Answered

So, a friend and I were looking at something NASA published a while ago. It was a call for a tiltrotor craft that could carry 55 people, could land either in water or on land, and could suck up water for use in firefighting. It was also meant to be a civilian craft. Anyway, we started to get an idea in our heads about designing some sort of tiltrotor rc thing or perhaps a UAV. We're both mechanical engineering majors and have some experience with aerodynamics, programming, electronics systems and rc aircraft. I was wondering if anyone had some good suggestions as to the design of this. One of the things we weren't quite sure about was what we would use for a power supply. Appreciate the help.

*Note, if we actually build anything it will only be a small scale proof of concept prototype built from inexpensive parts.


Osprey plane - look it up

Hard to engineer but not impossible Lots here


Simply pointing me in the direction of the Osprey really isn't too helpful. I am very familiar with the V-22 Osprey. Also, while the link is nice I am perfectly capable of using various search engines to help me, which I have been doing. Actual technical information is far more useful to me. No offense.

I recently read about some new technology involving zero-emission engines that run on "liquid air" and only exhaust cold air. This may be a little advanced, but maybe not so for NASA...

Yeah I've read about them, they're supposedly better than fuel cells and electric systems. I actually read the same article you posted. Very interesting stuff, it'd need to be powerful enough to power several propellers and perhaps secondary systems. Promising for other uses though.