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Time HAS been going faster Answered

Learned something today, i thought it was just me but, has anyone noticed how time seems to have sped up in the last few years? well thats because it has. December 2005 an earthquake actually sped up the Earth's rotaion. Kinda freaky, eh?


yeah a second can no longer be measured with the statement of "one thousand and one"

it is somewhat faster i wouldn't say twice as fast but maybe 0.7 or around 7/10 ths os the old second.

Schuman resonance has sped up significantly in the past years. You are now feeling the results. Yes time IS actually speeding up. You are getting 16 hours instead of 24.

As far as perception goes, each person is an individual in this respect, but I have also found that I can slow the perception of time, experience more, make it feel like things last longer, and still not be bored. In fact, boredom is the enemy of time. But then, I am a little on the odd side when it comes to certain "perceptions". Things around me sometimes seem to be going so much slower then I am inside. Its odd and hard to describe.

How would we notice it? We're traveling at the same speed as the earth. (Okay, not exactly, but if the Earth's average speed increases, our average speed will increase)

However, I think that minor fluctuations in larger astronomical objects causing minute variations of our velocity have a greater effect than internal nudgings.
(I love my perplexing eloquence sprees!)
(I didn't mean to be eloquent... I didn't realize it until "internal" :P)

If the Earth's rotation changes speed, the length of day and night are altered. More accurately, though, they use distant stellar objects as markers of rotation.

I'm not saying how can we figure it out, I'm referring to "i thought it was just me but, has anyone noticed how time seems to have sped up in the last few years?"

Ah, I grok you!

You know what? You're getting older. "They" have worked out that time seems to fly past faster as you get older. It is, they say because you unconsciously perceive the time you experience as a fraction of the time you have already experienced.

So, Summers last forever to a young child, because they're a significant lump of their life so far. Summer flies by to me, because it is only (counts on fingers) 1/160 of my life so far.

Weekends are just a blur.

Weekends are just a blur.

Perhaps the blurring of weekends is due to some other sense-inhibiting phenomenon...

"Stranger in a strange land" Sorry, I've got a weird thing for trying to recognize quotes.

Couldn't be anything else, really, could it?

Hmm... make sense... I've experienced that feeling before. As the years pack on... the school years seem to shrink :P

Weekends are just a blur.

Weekends ? :-)


10 years ago

How would that adjust watches ect? If anything the earth is slowing, because people grow up and get heavyier. Think about it, a baby is bigger then the sperm it came from, means more weight.

Think about it some more - where does the weight come from? The Earth itself. Where does the weight go to when you die? Back to the Earth.

Actually, the Earth is getting heavier, thanks to meteorite falls, and slowing down thanks to "tidal friction" - the Moon's pull on the planet is slowing us down, just like Earth's did the the Moon. Dinosaurs experienced a 16 hour day. Given enough time, we will eventually lock with the Moon and experience a day nearly 30 times longer than we have now.

If you want that experience, you could always go to one of the Poles (north or south) to see what that would be like :-)

I forgot to add - once earth locks with the Moon, roughly half the planet would never see the Moon again, and tides would decrease dramatically (we'd have solar tides, but not lunar tides).

Yes, we would loose one of the 3 tides. The remainder being solar as you mention and the detergent Tide also. *sigh* sorry, I am in a very weird mood today.

Now that you mention it, the other day my watch was somehow set back a day, along with my friend's watch.. odd. Did we really get a day ahead of ourselves?! ;P

Ah! its already 10:47!

So... mountain time? Its 12:46 according to my clock.

I think so (an hour ealrier than central) I still don't know the real name of the timezone here (gmt -7:00)

An hour earlier than central would be mountain. Though I thought that central was gmt - 7... I could be wrong though.

I guess I was wrong then. Thanks for telling me.

Thank you too (i didn't know it was called mountain)

Time's going backwards, it's 11:57!

Yup, the tsunami of December 26th 05 caused the earth to wobble on its axis, causing a to miss a few thousandths of a second from the day, it has stabilized though.

That was both genius and incredibly stupid at the same time (I need some sleep, I just spelled "genius" as "jenius").

my source, a teacher at my school. well something i forgot to mention scientists tested it (don't know how)and discovered that it actually sped up by a second, and sort of accumulated.

I so don't believe that, how can a earthquake make the world spin faster?

how about everybody in the world jumps at the same time, or flushes the toilet, or drop a heavy object, would that make a difference? Actually I think the earth is slightly slowing down

Our school has a Guinness World Record certificate for taking part in the world's biggest participatory experiment - The Big Jump. Along with several thousand other pupils around the country, I had our 600 kids jumping up and down at once to see if we could create a detectable earthquake. The national seismography centre detected nothing, but I got a definite squiggle on a seismometer I made for the occasion.

people do that in san fransisco. members of the society to free the san andreas fault jumps of chairs every tuesday at 8 oclock. i think. i read about it in a comic. its still funny though.

If it sped up rotation, doesn't that just mean that the day is shorter? We're not in Superman Land.

Well, a few days ago I looked at the clock and it read 9:00. Three minutes later all the clocks in the house read 9:45. Three minutes tops I swear, I wasn't doing anything "fun" to "speed up time", I just tuned my back to the clock, hit "refresh" in the new topics, and turned back around. And yea, time does seem to be blowing right by.

Where'd you hear this.