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Time Machine read failure? Answered

Hey all- back again. my time machine is giving me grief again for an unknown reason. I got my drive (seagate replica 2tb) about a month ago, and it has worked great until now. I split the drive (not a partition) into 2 parts, one for my itunes library, and one for my backups (this was about 1.5 weeks ago). Last time I checked it (3 days ago) it worked fine. I accidentally left my computer on while we were gone for a few days- and now that I have come back my backups fail. It says that my drive is read only now. I have checked and it says my last backup was they 25th at 12:08 AM, so its been about 24 hours since the last backup. I try to repair the drive in disk utility but it fails and tells me to restore the drive. I can access all my itunes data on the volume on the same drive, but my backups wont work. Anyone know how to fix this?


How did you "split" the drive without separate partitions?


I believe astroboy906 didn't "split" the drive himself, rather a lot of hard-drives these days external/internal alike come with back up software, and this does partition the drive. For the user though it doesn't appear this way, rather it may be presented as a folder view. This doesn't help astroboy906 in anyway, but maybe it paves the way to understanding for others who may be able to help him.

He wrote "I split the drive (not a partition) into 2 parts" and that is what interests me.


Umm I think its volumes, not partitions- or maybe it was just making a partition without formatting the rest of the data on the drive. Anyways I actually contacted tech support and got it fixed :)

Awesome, did they tell you what was wrong?, just so others can learn from this, including myself

not really, just guided me again trough disk utility first aid (which I had tried before) and it worked. Turns out the drive was corrupt because a month later it failed again (corrupt?). Got a new drive (MyBook) and it works great

Wow, tech' support were helpful - what was the problem/fix?


I would click on properties and see what comes up first, then run a search on your drive in question with a query word as simple as "backup". Kinda of a backwards approach but usually using the search method can find lost data. Once found its just a matter of using aftermarket freeware that expands and restores backups from other memory backup programs.