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Time lapse? Answered

Hello everybody.

Just a quick question I would like to ask.

Ive made a video of something and its i normal time. It is about 25minutes long, and i want it to be a time lapse.

Its a video, not a massive set of photos. I want to be able to fastforward it by like x32 or x20 or whatever.

Anyone know any free editing softwares where you can do this? Also, it is an AVI file.

Thanks, Hiyadudez.


I've already found one, but i'll still give best answer...

And it was worth it. You helped a friend...

Words of the great HIYADUDEZ!

Lol. By the way: is it just me, or is the text on this site different?

Also, I can't get on Skype. :-(

Thanks, I'll try to make a note of that somewhere I'm likely to find it when I might need it.


Yea, that seems to work alright. CDs are tough sometimes eh?


Yeah, one of the cds is one I had to cut out. It just bent XD

On iMovie for macs, take the video, analyze it, drag it onto your timeline, click on the gear button on the clip and select the clip option, then convert it, and you can adjust the speed from there. In terms of windows, I don't know.

Try Windows Movie Maker.