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Time to Vote! Answered

Voting for the Craftsman "Workshop of the Future" contest opened today. There are a number of worthy entries, so I hope you'll take the time to look them over and vote for the one(s) you like!


I already voted, and yours too..

Have voted already :-)

Well, you want me to reveal whom I have voted for LOL well, ok, your crib was one of a few I did vote for.

Yay! I don't have to whine after all :-) Thank you. I voted for, ten, I think. Not much more than that.

I didn't keep track of how many :-) Just picked out what I thought were the best AND most useful even though I probably could never use Kiteman's shed ;-)

You voted for li'l ol' me? Shucks!

:-) well, I voted for the project you submitted ;-)


Although, if I win something (which seems unlikely, as my shed is down on the third page of entries by vote), I will have to find a worthy cause to donate my winnings to.

Mine is lower than that, when sorted by rating :-(, and on the very last page when sorted by date.

Now that is definitely just not right *sigh*

It's what I get for submitting it on the very first day. Too excited for my own good. Also interesting to me is that the contest version (rewritten with more "how to do it" stuff) is rated almost half a point lower than the original (3.45 vs. 3.88). Not a complaint, but I think it shows the systematic uncertainties in the rating

On the contest page, the left hand side has a list of the projects you voted. Their database is clearly sufficient to prevent vote-stuffing :-)

I was wrong above. I only found eight worthy projects.

Oh cool, I hadn't noticed that before....

Looks like I went a little overboard, and voted for 20 :-)

That's only 10% of the submissions, not bad. I was probably a little too brutal about issues of relevance, completeness and interest (to me, not to anyone else :-).

FYI, that's not showing up as a link, just a plain text URL.

Oh, you mean this URL?

I guess that they don't process the text of image notes through the WikiFormatter. I'm not sure, but I seem to recall that the quotation marks for bold/italic markup are also left literal.

There had to be a plug somewhere, didn't there?