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Timing circuit - how to Answered

Evening all,

I am a NooB to electronics and instructables and would like to build a time control unit. What I am looking to do is build an auto baster for my smoker. The idea is to have a pump (ac pump or possibly a dc washer motor pump not sure yet do to the pressure needed) connected to a copper tube that  runs the length of my smoker. I want to have a time control circuit connected to the pump  where I can adjust the A) interval in which the pump is triggered B) the length of time the pump runs for. I have never done anything with electronics; well besides some radio shack kits as a kid however I do have some basic understanding. If anyone could help me or even just point me in the right direction that  would be great.




Fish tank filtration pump, filter removed. Job done.

You probably need to look at a peristaltic pump if you want to recycle the cooking juices or some kind of control valve- lawn sprinking system if you were looking to just spray in water. Easiest thing to do is to get a multi-interval timer to see if that can just turn on the pump for a few times during the cooking process. If you want to get complex, you can go the microprocessor route to sense the humidity level and temp and activate the pump. Good luck.

The pump won't be recycling just feeding the spray nozzles. I think I would like to go all out here and be able to test/react to many conditions (time, temp, & humidity), but I honestly don't know where to start and what I should look at for a processor unit and sensors. If you have any direction or ideas of what I should possibly looking for or resources that would be awesome.

You can start here https://www.instructables.com/id/A-watering-controller-that-can-be-home-networked/ and then look up temperature and humidity sensors with arduino (sparkfun or adafruit for parts and tutorials).  What you are trying to do is to create a system like the commercial combi-therm ovens used in pro kitchens.  Things might be simplified if your water source is from a hose or faucet or you can make it standalone from some type of elevated reservoir that might be able to provide some pressure like a solar shower bag and then you would just need to have servo controlled water valves and not a pump system.

That is perfect and exactly what I am looking for I think.

The reason I was/am leaning towards the pump idea is I plan on using fine misting sprayer heads; like the brass ones on pump up spray cans. I guess I could modify one of those and use a servo to allow the spray, but I really wanted to have a full hands off automated platform where I just fill the unit apply power and sit back.