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Tin Cloth Answered

I am concerned Instructables could be hurt by the Prudometer being ratched too high on comments.  That's bad for the company.
Here's a post just sent to Tin Cloth that was automatically rejected for either being irrelevant or abusive:
"I recall 60 years ago when my parents bought me an oil cloth slicker in Istanbul, Turkey.  It was kinda smelly, but it worked until I outgrew it.  That was just plain cloth, not canvas.
I use that mix of bee's wax, turpentine and linseed oil as a preservative for old tools.  I got a paint can of it in the garage.  Much more durable than WD-40."

How "plain Jane" can you get?  I came back to visit because of the newsletter.


If you posted in the morning try again in the afternoon.

DId your comment get added and then it disappeared or did it just not "take" after you hit the reply button? There have been times when a comment just posted to the ether and was a system bug. The disappearing comments thing after it has posted is the work of the robot behind the orange curtain.

It just didn't "take" after I hit reply a dozen times. The only hint of why was "Please be positive and constructive with your comments." My fault, huh?

There seems to be a lag with comments posting today so always copy long comments before trying to post so you can try again if they do not appear.

That "We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments" disclaimer appears on all the comment input boxes.