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World's Smallest Shockers For Sale Answered

Well, not really, but I am going to make and sale tiny shockers on ebay soon, I just need a few questions before I start making, and selling them.

  • Do you wanted the shocker naked (Like in the picture below) and make your own container for them?
  • Do you want the shocker to be packed up in a film canister or box container with a battery holder and a switch?
  • And the most important of all - How much are you willing to pay for them? I need an answer to that!

And here is the link to make the shockers.. Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!


You need to work out your costs, plus energy, wear and tear on tools, postage, packing and time - how long does it take to make them (including packaging and walking to the post box), and how much do you value your time (dollar an hour? ten? fifty?)?

That will give you your base cost, and what you add on top of that will be your income.

I know you're giving yourself an income twice (time, plus the extra), but consider - what happens if you get so many orders that you need help to put them together? How will you pay the help? Answer: the part of the cost you have accounted for as "time".

When you work out your "income", consider - do you expect these things to pay your life expenses? How many do you plan or hope to make and sell? If they are just for pin money, or you can makes loads in an hour, you can add on a small profit. If you need them to pay your medical bills, or you take half a day to make one, you'll have to add on a large profit.

that sounds way to complicated. I'd say around 7 USD

Okay, through all of your questions, I think about £5 for each 'naked' shockers, is that too expensive or too cheap? An the reason I need money is to buy my self a new mac computer. My old mac computer I am using right now is about to die, it has about 6 months of its life left.. :(

I've an idea - ebay a couple, see what you get, and use that as a guide price.

Okay, I will try that, but, I am asking what do YOU think?

Since I already know your raw materials are free, I'd say a fiver sounds good.

Yeah, I am thinking $5 is good, my dad also suggested 5 too!

that sounds resonable I think you can go a biut higher than that, but I think 5 euros is good. 5 doesn't seem like a lot, 6 dollars seems like a lot. Believe me, the Ipod app store has gotten me a couple times (lol). where are you going to get the parts from?

Yes, you can do that, thanks for asking! :)

Hmm, if you are going to make that shocking marker, you might want to keep it hidden from little kids as they love markers...

Ebay can really be a hit or miss. Ususally, consumers that shop on ebay are searching for something from a brand name company, or something that is popular amongst consumers. So, what I am saying is, for something as genuine and unique as this shocker, it will be hard finding people to bid on it.

I'd expect to pay around £5 for one, and about £1 - £2 postage. That is if I hadn't already made some myself :P. Slightly off topic, sorry, but Plasmana, I also live in the UK and I find it extremely difficult to get hold of used disposable cameras. Do you buy yours and if not where do you get them from? Cheers Spman123

  • heat shrink wrapped would be nice
  • you can offer it naked and tell people to pay 1 us dollar extra to pack
  • i would buy this for no more than 5 us dollars

I agree heat shrink wrapped, if you do so use transparent heat shrink tubing, it's very cool. And I'd not pay anything because i know how to make one, but if i wasn't a geek i'd say 5 bucks.

$5 but i dont know about shipping costs, i live in Washingron

Why pay for them when I can easily make them.

Why pay for a computer when you can build your own? Because not everyone has the ability to make them, so those of us that can do and make a quick buck from soldering suckers.

Ha ha, solder suckers. I made a funny!

Some people are asking me to make and sell them, because they cannot make shockers very easily.

$10 tops. You could offer naked, or charge $2 more for an enclosed one.

I wouldn't pay much more than $2 US total, including shipping...

. Shocker naked? - heat-shrink tubing would be nice . Battery and switch? - optional. I'm guessing some ppl will want it. . How much? - 5-10 USD. Maybe 15. . . I like Kiteman's idea of using eBay to see what the market thinks.

Here is what I bring in to play when I sell:
  • Cost for each component
  • Shipping charges to get the components to build the shocker
  • Labor costs

A1 - Free A2 - Free (other than walking) A3 - I am thinking £5?

quick spam question (sorry pasmana) who here uses nixie tubes? Cause I'm thinking of creating an all in one nixie clock chip that just requires an external power supply and tubes that are multiplexed, no external transistors or anything (well buttons for input).

Thats okay, and I know nothing about nixie tubes, (other than I know they have neon gas!).

Whats a shocker?

It's a thing that gives you a shock... Think mini-tazer crossed with those joke pens...