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Tiny Vial Idea help Answered

I have close to 100 (I found a box of them, Some are lost throughout my house) tiny vials and I need an idea what to do with them. If the idea is good I'll make an instructable and include you name. The lids do have holes, but it comes with a little sheet of plastic or something if you want to seal it, a couple of pics.



8 years ago

If you place small chunks of sheetrock in them and sell them in the park for ten bucks a pop, you are sure to have alot of fun meeting interesting people! Be warned that some will be armed and dangerous... But seriously have you considered making a chandelier, tiny DranO-bombs, or maybe storing your aspirin tablets individually? I think a well-sealed LED in the lid and colored oil and water to diffuse and refract the light? Or put used gum and canola oil in them. They'll look like tiny brains.

I finished my instructable, since I don't feel like posting a link just search for "Pocket Plant"

for the 3 bottles that dont have a "perfect" plant growing in them you could wrap up a ball of solder and you it as a solder dispenser in a field soldering kit (theres instructables. there packeted in an altoids tin)

LED sinkies.

I'v though about stuff like that, but the problem is how do you get the battery in?

orrr, you could do it reverse. mount the LED so its facing into the bottle, then have the leads going into a project box or something. that would look interesting, especially with something similar to the " make LED's dance to music" instructable.

They do have smaller batteries, you know!
Look for ones for hearing aids ;-)

I'll look next time I go out shopping, I havn't found a battery small enough yet, though.

ive seen small batteries, but not 3 volts. 1.5, sure. maybe 2 of those and an led... and maybe a weight

mineral collection? sprouting seeds indoors to plant later in spring? chemicals? do you know where they came from (what manufacturer?)

nope, know nothing, well, I got it from a science building that's moving and they're getting rid of a lot of stuff, so everyone's throwing out stuff, I got a variable power supply, a computer power supply (can't wait till my banana jacks come) various vials, a good scale (I fixed it! it can only go up to about 7 ounces though, but 3 decimal resolution!), a bunch of machine cords, a bunch of broken circuits, taking caps and resitors and ic sockets out of them, etcetcetcetc.

i still say indoor seed sprouting is best. plus, no water mess if the container is knocked over.

to grow yes. the idea is to sprout them indoors, and later plant them outside to grow. small root area helps them sprout, but not grow indoors.

well, I planted some, I hope they grow, it took forever to get the soil in the vial, and to water them I have to use a pipette! If it all works I'll say it was your idea.

i should work. after they sprout, you may need to mist them with soapy water. they need 18 hours of daylight (or florescent grow lamps) for the first few weeks. you will probably need some fungicide later on. be careful when watering. keep out of intense cold. do not fertilize unless with fertilizer for sprouting plants.

well, I'm just keeping them under flourescent lights of my mom's orchad stand, it's on a lot. They'll never go out side, so I don't think cold will be a problem. Well maybe when summer is here I'll take them out.

A seamonkeys mini-aquarium keychain ?

actually a pretty good Idea! I might do some water or living plant thing inside.

Fill then with rice and give them to people at Christmas, with a note saying that it represents the donation you have made to food aid charities in their name.

I'm glad that that contest just came out, I've been trying to figure out what to do with them for like a week now. Maybe I can just put a potion in it or something ;)

Or some "Leprechaun juice", AKA the luck of the Irish...

*Google searches for old recipe*

oh, and a cool thing, if you fill it up with water the surface tension holds the water in if it's upside down, you can even poke stuff in like wire and needles.