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Tip will not tin on new soldering iron? Answered

I just got my first soldering iron, a pen style weller. It was a real cheapo at $20 from home depot. When I go to tin the tip all the solder just beads up on itself and won't touch the iron. The iron turns black almost instantly and will smoke even if nothing is touching it. I have tried two different solders, one that came with it and some electric solder I bought separately, both are lead free and rosin core. The iron is 25 watts and gets up to 750 degrees fahrenheit. Any ideas?


Have you attempted wiping the hot tip on a wetted sponge (by wetted I literally mean wetted, as in "damp")

Otherwise, I would consider going back to home depot and asking for a replacement kit.

It sounds as if the temperature control is failing and the iron is getting too hot.

wipe the tip on some fine wire wool. The t ips are often coated with varnish when they are made to stop rust. the first time they are used, its a good plan to wipe them hard with a per towel, to get the crap off them before it burns on.