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Tips for Miniature carousel up and down movement Answered

I am making a miniature carousel for a decoration on my bookshelf. I like to make a kind where the horses go up and down. I got a motorized lazy susan (which already goes around with it´s built in motor) so the basic rotation is there already. What I just need to figure out is how to get the horses go up and down for couple of inches. What electronics should I use for the up and down movement? I´d prefer to use batteries for the source of electricity for these.

I was checking solenoid c:s on a electronics website but had hard time finding a slow ones that would work and/or don´t know how to slow them down.



even simpler, if the horses are mounted on shafts (which I would presume they are) then all you have to do is put some humps on a disk that's below the lazy susan, have the shafts protrude through the lazy susan....as the shafts get to the humps it will push the horses up and then let them go back down after they pass over the humps.

try taking apart an old fishing game the fish go up and down and round and round could do it that way

i think ive seen this done with crankshafts attached to a wheel at the outer edge of the carousel. the wheel supports the carousel. similar to kelseys idea, but less complex to build. more off the shelf pieces.

Thank you Kelseymh!

I had no idea how the real carousels do this and your explanation makes sense. I could pull this out. Thank you!

Why not do it the way real carousels do? You have radial arms above the horses to hold them up by their posts. Attatch gears to those arms near the axis of rotation, with the teeth engaged to a toothed ring, so that the arms spin as the carousel rotates. Now you give each arm a shallow "U" bend at the point where the horse is supported, and that bend will pull the horse up and down during its course. By choosing the gearing pitch you affect the vertical "speed".