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Tips on building/assembling smartphone, compatible with 32 bit software Answered


I'm looking for tips about how one would start assembling a smartphone capable of running OS like windows 8 or linux.

Basically what i want is 4 to 5 inch computer with touchscreen, a hdmi output and phone capabilities.

I'm pretty unsure about everything but i'm really committed.

Thinking about using the atom cpu from intel. what do you think?

How should I go about the rest of the project.

let me know your thoughts?


Easy enough to just get a cheap android tablet and a telephony app.

I have a theory that a raspberry pi may work as a base. I've seen phones made with arduinos and shields, and because of the alamode boards, arduino shields are compatible with the pi. such a device may be a handful. A complex stack of boards(even without a battery) may not fit in your pocket, and the energy needed to power it would call for a large battery. I'm sure a homemade smartphone is possible, but my idea here may be impractical.

You've taken on quite a daunting task that billion-dollar corporations with worldwide teams of engineers are trying to do. Custom chips need to be designed for mobile devices to concentrate what they will be used for and to conserve power. The Atom processor has a tough time trying to beat user expectations even in a netbook.

hi, thanks for answering.there is something like this.
the xpPhone and Atom Cpu would just have to do the trick for now. Also next Atom cpu's are supposed to be much faster.

An assembled smartphone capable of running "desktom" applications and that allows for upgrades would rock my world.

Please people, share your thoughts and your ideas about this.