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Tire Tee Answered

I want to make a tire tee for my softball-loving daughter. I saw the one in the link below and thought it would be an easy (and cheap) DIY.


I'd want it to be portable, as her team is talking about practicing inside a school gym when it gets cold and this would be an excellent tool for hitting inside.

My thought was to fill a bucket with concrete and stick the pole in it which would be my base. It looks like there's some PVC slipped over the pole with a pin/screw/bolt holding it at the height. If I want to get really fancy, I can drill multiple holes and adjust the height for each girl. The weight of the tire should provide enough resistance on its own. I want to limit any extra resistance from the tee as much as possible.

The question I have is about the pivoting tire. What's the best way to set that up? I could have two pieces of PVC connected by a coupler and the tire would rest on the coupler. Or I could secure the the tire to the PVC in some way and when the batter hits it, the tire AND PVC rotates around the base pole. Any suggestions about this?
I appreciate any insight! Thanks!


i agree w/ crapflinger. a car tire seems like too much weight. maybe a motorcycle tire?

as for simplifying a pivot, seems the simplest, lightest rig is essentially a tire swing. maybe an oversized fishing swivel in there to keep from twisting the rope.

You could make 1 larger base like in the photo provided, put a lazy susan bearing on top, and then put another base on top of the lazy susan. You can then attach your pvc coupler to your base and have your adjustable sizing that way. Easiest way I can think of is having a long pvc pipe attached to the base. Get a slightly larger pipe with the tire attached to slide over the main pole. Then you can drill multiple holes in the smaller post and one in the larger one. Then you can move the tire up and down for height. As far as weighting the base maybe water buckets, or anything that holds water. Then you don't have to lug around a heavy concrete base and can fill it up anywhere when needed. Hope this helps!

...that's a real training aid? that seems like a heck of a lot of force (especially compared to hitting a baseball/softball). you can really see the kids arms wrench as soon as he hits the thing. I just imagine that that could lead to some serious joint strains...of course I'm not a sports medicine professional or a doctor in any way so....I could be over judging the impacts...just looks really harsh impact wise. maybe a lighter tire or a more fluid bearing system.

the heavy board on the one in your gif seems to hold the thing down fairly well. lifting a bunch of pipe and a bucket of concrete could get a bit heavy if they have to move it a lot. the rest of your construction assumptions seem to be correct though.

I don't know about using PVC for both pipes though as PVC tends to grab on to itself. if you were to have the sleeve part (that holds the tire) in PVC with an end cap glued on, and then the pole that holds the thing would just need a rounded end to make the swivel work. looks like there is a pin in the pole in the center of the tire there that keeps the top pipe from sliding down

to hold the tire on to the pvc, if you cut the hole in the tire, the exact diameter of the outside of the pvc, then you could have a bushing or a simple splice connector there for the tire to slide on. so the top pipe would actually be two pieces of pvc...a short piece that sits under the edge of the tire, a bushing/adapter/splice pipe that sits on the end of that...then another piece of pvc that would continue up through the tire, then the edge of the hole in the tire would sit on the edge of the bushing.