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Tis nice to find out now.....about raw cultivated mushrooms.... Answered

I just found out that is it unwise to eat many cultivated mushrooms raw. I finished up 3 pieces of pizza I had placed some sliced Oyster mushrooms on for flavor.

If I don't sign in tomorrow morning, I am in the hospital :-) it is said that only sensitive people will be effected by the toxins......nice ! :-(

UPDATE: I seem not to be sensitive nor particularly vulnerable to this toxin probably because I have ingested so many raw baby portabellas from salad bars :-)


I also have read that you shouldn't eat raw mushrooms either because of some toxins like hydrazine, or just that they're hard to digest or can upset your digestive system. I'd just recommend cooking them or something. Hydrazine and such toxins are usually gotten rid of by the heat of cooking so cooked mushrooms should be OK as long as they aren't a poisonous species. I've been eating mushrooms for a very long time and I haven't gotten sick because of them.

Nor have I and I partake of them regularly at Salad bars.....still I think they were saying that "some" mushrooms or maybe only one, is more susceptable to this then others...I am not sure anymore.

With mushrooms sometimes people react differently. This is especially true with the Slippery Jack and the Honey Fungus. Some people can eat it and enjoy it but others suffer unwanted side effects. Also you should avoid drinking alcohol with certain mushrooms like the Morels and Inky Cap mushrooms since they contain coprine which can cause poisoning if you consume alcohol before, during, or after eating such fungi. Coprine can still give you a bad time even if you consume alcohol within a week of eating the mushrooms.

That is interesting....thanks for that. 


9 years ago

The missing link? http://www.mykoweb.com/articles/EatingRawMushrooms.html

According to the article, most raw mushrooms contain hydrazines and/or compounds that are metabolized to hydrazines, and the hydrazines are suspected carcinogens, rather than short-term poisons (at least, in the kind of quantities we're talking about.)

There are other compounds that are stomach irritants, and some of the common allergens are apparently also broken down by cooking.

Interesting, the article I was reading, and then lost, mentioned toxins that were, I believe generated by the micro-organisms in the environment of cultivation (normally inside a building) that were broken down by cooking. But only a few people would actually react to them. I do think I will shy away from the raw mushrooms from this point on in either case :-)


9 years ago

What's in the subset of "many cultivated mushrooms" ?

meaning, I suppose, most of them, although I have had no trouble with baby bellas :-)

Gotta watch out for those mushrooms...


These were just simple Oyster mushrooms. No psilocybe mushrooms :-)

*Turns away slowly, realizing that his attempt at humor has gone unnoticed*

Oh I noticed that is what psilocybe mushrooms are :-)

Oh, so far I don't appear to be sensitive to them.....although I was worried when I felt a little queasy in the stomach, it went away as soon as I forgot about it (we play tricks on ourselves a lot of times :-)

Well, they said it was only a problem for those sensitive to the toxin...so I believe my upset stomach (which is not really all that bad at the moment) is pretty much psychosomatic.

I suffer from a 'somatic stomach myself, yesterday I had an interview and drunk nauseous butterflies the size of elephants invaded my stomach. ;-)

well, in my case, when I feel convinced nothing it wrong, I feel hungry, when I fear something may be wrong, nauseous. :-)

I'm screwed... I downed ten button mushrooms at lunch with balsamic...

They said marinated is fine....apparently the vinegar is just as good as cooking them