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Tis the season (for cheap LEDs) Answered

It's a good time (in the USA) to buy holiday lights with LEDs. To disassemble, and retarget, of course. Discount stores are a great place to start.

Here's a string of 70 brand-new white LEDs I bought last week. Cost: $4 USD.


i did this and my led is somewhere between 4v and 6v

Are these normal LEDs? Standard 1-5v? Funny...

Yep, they are just regular LEDs, connected in series. No, I haven't traced the circuit to see if it's one loop of 70 or two of 35... No bridge or conversion to DC, just wired straight to AC...the flicker is pronounced, as probably 1/2 the AC cycle isn't used. This wiring schema is exactly like the string I bought a couple years ago.

cool i didnt know LEDs could be wired to AC
glad i learned something today =D

by the way..i just checked radioshack for LEDs..its pretty expensive! one red LED for 1.49! i got mine 10 for THAT PRICE! or something the like, just not over 2.00

i could order for ya'll if needed

I can't wait! Must....... have......... LED....... goodnes!!!!!!!!! White leds..... *drools on keyboard*

Yeah but the go down in price logarithmically in January

Cheapest I've ever seen a similar string (multi-colored) was $2 USD. January, two years ago. Last year, I couldn't find any LED lights on sale, before or after the holidays. @ < 6 cents per LED, this is worth grabbing....

Two words: Garage sales In the early spring ;-)