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Titanium coated quartz...How to make? Answered

I have these crystals...they are partially coated with titanium(which give them their purple color. Is there anyway to make the titanium coat the entire surface(w/ same color,clarity, etc.) of the rock or will it just have to stay the way it is?


Jack A Lopez made me revisit my answer aswhat he said made sence. I remember another type of quartz that I know is man made "aqua aura crystals". From a Wiki, they talk about heating the quartz for 871 C (1600F) in a vacuum and then adding vaporized gold to the chamber. The Wiki isn't very long and you might find it helpful


So you can disregard my answer talking about irradiation as It just so happened I got some words mixed up and it happened to relate to manipulating gems and minerals.

is a property of transparent thin films.   You see the same effect in soap bubbles.  The color of the reflected light that depends on viewing angle is a result of interference between light reflected from the top of the film and light reflected from the bottom of the film.  If I remember correctly, the thickness of the film has to be about the same scale as the wavelength of the light being reflected, around 500 nanometers for visible light.

Anyway, if you can figure out how to deposit a transparent thin film
of titanium oxide, or whatever, onto your rock, then I think that's the answer as to how get the pretty iridescent effect.

Also not that iridizing (making some thing iridescent) is not the same thing as irradiating (subjecting some thing to radiation).

How do you know its Ti ? Is it natural ?

To my surprise, I have such a  rock ( crystal )
Called "Bornite" also known as Chalcopyrite a dark color,
with an iridescent film.   Generally forms in compact or
micro granular masses with small disphenoidal,
pseudo-tetrahedral uncommon crystal.

It is one of the important Copper peacock ores, yielding
the by-products of Gold and Silver....  but  No  Titanium !!

According to the rock shop which sells me geodes.



I believe the process is called irradiation and is done on numerous types of crystals and gems http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemstone_irradiation . It is a man made, enhancing process that is done to make them special or more desirable. I don't believe it's a process that can be done cheaply as, from what I can understand and have just read, the titanium is vaporized and gets deposited onto the crystal.