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To Randofo or Noahw or / and whomever else helped me along with this.... Answered

Whomever it was that last pointed out that I was on the forums "so much, it is no wonder I have no time to build/make anything"; and a few others that pointed this out before, I want to apologize for my evading the obviously accurate critique, first off. Secondly, because you(all) have been correct, and I am able to finally get my head straight and admit it (I have made SO many excuses up to this point), I am definitely going to try to split my time up better, and maybe be a little more productive (which means I may not be around the forums quite as often).

I also wish to thank all that have pointed this out to me, and finally got it beaten into the near-dead and old piece of meat on the top of my spine. I wish I could find the places I am making reference to, but after 1/2 hour of searching I can not.

Thanks again....
PS: no, I am not leaving....


Well, i manage to find a balence between the forums and the main site, you want any advice, be sure to ask. My main solution was to cut out TV, completely.

Huh? What's a TV? Oh, that box in the living room, that I never have time to sit down in front of but I feed it money every month? ;-)

I just have to find a way to put together the snippets of time I have before I go to work, and do some constructive building / making rather then thinking I have to be on line all the time.

Also, because the last person to point this out to me, I had once again made excuses to, I wanted to apologize to them....but I forgot whom it was XD

Well, i tend to be sat infront of my computer while i make, then i can jump online for ten minutes. The other way i made more time was to train myself to require less sleep.

What is this sleep you speak of? Haha, I run on very low amounts of sleep.

It is a practice that rich people do that have a lot of time on their hands ;-) It requires one to become unconscious for 7+ hours at a time ...!

I can sort of remember - maybe in junior high or so - when I actually would sleep somewhere around 7 or 8 hours a night. I probably average about half that these days and I still wish there was more time in a day... And I miss sleeping...

Yeah, when I was a lot younger (oh, about 40 years or so ago), I slept too....straight through the night even *sigh* I miss sleeping without being awakened

I remembered this topic when I was thinking about how the night of sleep I'm planning would probably qualify as a 'nap' to most people. In the words of my (deceased) grandfather, "I'll sleep when I'm dead."

Well, I have things that keep me awake, even while I sleep a little, which makes even a long one, almost useless at times.

Sleep apnea is the worst of the bunch and even with my C-pap mask on, I don't sleep as well as I should, so even the little bit I get is of little use to me *sigh*


When I "make", I have to move over to my work bench and my wife takes over the computer even if I have to look up some specification or some part number....*sigh*

What productive things are you going to do with your time?

So far, trying to organize my time so I can do productive things.... *sigh*

My wife is a bit to spontaneous read: does not make plans well for that :-)