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To all the archery enthusiasts Answered

So I need some help. I have been shooting for some years now (about 4 or 5) but I still am having one problem. I am using a 70 lb. draw weight on my bow (compound bow) but when I go to shoot and I am aiming low I cant raise my arm up to get the pin on the bulls eye. (This happens when I have the bow drawn). So if any of you have an idea for something that I could do to help please comment me. I will try all ideas at this point.



Why compound :( that so easy, try recurve! (and not Olympic recurve they suck :P)

what's wrong with big guns? just because we have a sniper rifle that can pearce through 2 inches of steel at 2 miles away doesn't mean you gota wine about it.

thank god. I was hoping you werent about to say the M1 Garand or Armalite Ar-15 SASS. I think a 50 cal BMG is overkill if your a civilian. its way too expensive for a paper puncher because you cant really hunt with it because pretty much whatever you hit (that doesnt have any caliber regulations like coyote and prarie dogs) is going to become a red mist. and the fact that your gonna drop around 8 thousand for the gun (correct me if they dropped in price or if theres a cheaper model, the armalite model is cheaper i think) and that the ammunition, if not hand loaded is extremely ridiculously expensive(its still crazy expensive if you handload unless you get the casings for free and you hand mold the bullets) makes it a tad too impracticle for the "average joe" (in my opinion). if i was going to drop that much money on a gun id just buy a .308 M1. Or invest in a AR-15 based rifle and add all manners of aftermarket parts. And those rifles are even impracticle if you dont use them in competitions. (F-class for the M1 and 3-stage(i thinki thats what its called) for the AR.) but thats just a humble opinion coming from a kid punching paper at 500 yards plus with his .22LR

i got to shoot the barrett .50 cal. It was the same one the snipers in the army use. (i know people) he gets all the amo he wants (has to shoot everyday to keep his skills up (army tells him to)) its a nice long range gun (im thinking about sniper corps if i dont do engineering) this gun is so powerfull obv. ;) got to take it deer hunting and that was fun even though i didnt have to use much skill to get close to the deer but still takes skill to take the shot.

every .50 cal manufactured (unless its a custom made rifle) is used my the military. you took one deerhunting?! a)how did you fit it in the tree stand... b)how far did you have to carry it? the things weigh 30-40 pounds... c)if i were you id go take a bunch of sniper classes, get all the certificates you need then go join a group like blackwater(not blackwater, but similar, i forgot the name for them. but they are basically mercenaries)because they are alot more lax then the military (from what ive been told) and it also sounds alot cooler if you say you were a mercernarie sniper then a military sniper.

i wasnt in a tree stand i was on a hilltop (tall grass for good cover) and we used an atv to get to the spot where we set up. i would love to take classes that would be so cool.

oh I think long ranging deer isnt fun because its an easy shot(because they are so big) and theres almost no way you can spook them unless you accidently shoot... Id much rather say i shot a deer from 40 yards instead of 400 meh, just shoot 50 rounds everyday and google "how to use the mil-dot ranging system" and thats pretty much the class...(from what ive heard, ive never partook in one of these classes but i have talked with those who have)

well norm when i shoot deer its with my bow but i wanted to try the barrett on a target that is at least alive (i had my bow that day but i was told to try the gun)

oh. well if theres any you dont want il pay for the shipping. but only over 10 shells.

idk if its against the law to ship then even though they are empty shells. i would have to look into that first.

im almost 100 hundred percent positive because you can buy empty cartridges online and they dont have to be shipped to a dealer first, unlike live ammunition but double check anyways. it might be different in canada.

ok it sounds like is ok to ship prob is right now i dont have 10 to give you. ill have to try to get my hands on some. (is it ok if they arnt barrett rifle shells?)

thats fine, no rush.
as long as they are .50 BMG its fine.(because theres also .50 caliber BEOWOLF but thats a completely different bullet, its made to shoot through a AR-15 so the whole bullet and casing is less than half the length of the .50 BMG).50 BEOWULF

.50 BMG

ill see what i can do. .50 cal. isnt cheep so ill have to wait till he shoots some more off.

thanks a million! like i said, no rush. now when you ship the brass do you make it so the receiver has to pay the shipping? if so give me a heads up before you ship it so a UPS man doesnt show up wanting 50 bucks out of the blue lol

hahah aight. it could be hard but ill try. getting to see the barrett rifle in person is hard enough let alone get to shoot it.

Shipping spent brass within the US is legal. If you have to list contents, list it as scrap metal/brass. Live ammo is different. It CAN be shipped but is much more of a pain (with USPS, and some carriers).

I read all your posts... what do you think I found.. the common denominator in your case you start off being nice and then get steadily more arragant as the replies go against your narcissistic ego.. what a surprise.. not.

you werent even nice in the beginning. you were arragana all the way through.

i have so much proff against you whats the prob now? i proved your wrong what else do you want?

no respect for myself your kidding? lol wow uhhh i didnt say anything that would not be respectfull to myself. you just did this because you know your wrong and you dont want people to see that you were. i accept your surrender.

who cares if i own one of em bows. my bow shoots at 315 fps with a high lbs. you have more stored energy in the arrow whit that kind of lbs.

my attitude? im bein this way cuse you wont see that your wrong i showed you bows that are faster then what you said and the lbs is more then 45. your the one whos a little boy because your not man enough to tell the world your wrong.

haha i can spell but i type to fast and gont look back to see. Sniper corps all the way.

yeah i want you to say you were wrong and shut up about hateing us americans!

ahhahaha i do at government like i hate all forms of government. i can see why our F***ed up president got us into the war were in but at that time it was for the right cause. (trying to kill the ones that took out the towers) now that were trying to push an unwanted government on people that will never learn to love "freedome" im starting to hate government even more. trust me not all americans are big gun loveing shoot your allies in the back kinda people. some of us hate the government as much as you do but that doesnt mean you have to hate all americans. who gives a crap if we have big guns, just cuse we like to have more range and more takedown force doesnt mean its a bad thing. you all have the brain powere to make the same kinda weapons for yourself. I even showed you 2-3 other bods where the fps we higher then what you said so you know your wrong on that. you dont have the right to pick me out and call me a big gun loveing yank just caus the draw lbs on my bow is a lot more then yours.

i just showed you bows that shoot faster then that! whata you got to say now!

just cuse we tipped your tea in our harbor doesn't mean you gota hate us. I aint little. right now its 2 vs. 1 so as of now im winning.

your wrong and you know it. hight lbs on a bow is a lot more usefull then a low one when it comes to hunting.

I'm a bit curious what guns have to do with bows.
But anyway, even if you where right (which you aren't..) about any more than 45 pounds not doing any more damage, there's always the fact that 70 pounds shoots farther. So, a 70 pound bow could inflict the same amount of damage a 45 pound bow can, much farther away (going by what you said).
But, a 70 pound bow WILL do more damage than a 45 pound bow at the same distance. If you shoot a elk with a 45 pound bow at, say, 35 yards? It might not go all the way through, it might go in half way, then stop. A 70 pound bow will most likely go all the way through, causing more damage.
It also effects the speed of which the arrow gets from your bow, to your target. Therefore, if the elk is startled by the noise and jumps/runs, it will get there faster, meaning you hit where you aimed, instead of hitting the elk's rump.
No offense, but it sounds like your a target shooter? Target shooting and hunting is WAY different.


In several of the US states 45# is the minimum legal to hunt with. I too prefer a lighter bow, but then again all I hunt is whitetail. I imagine heavier arrows moving faster are more effective for elk, moose, etc. But as far as distance, if it's much over 40 yds, I'll probably let it walk rather than risk an ineffective shot.

Are you british?

"350-342 fps producing an amazing 93 foot-pounds of Kinetic Energy"

sniper corps all the way!

has to do with more take down force at a longer distance. also speed, faster arrow = less chance for the animal to get away after it hears the shot. With high lbs you can reach out farther

take down force for lard animals like elk. thats what its for.

well from the time that i posted this till now that problem has gone away. ( i have been doing a lot of working out) so now i have the strenght to be able to shoot nice and easly. Im shooting from 40-50 yrds at a 2x3 foot target.

. Most bow hunters I know will be aiming high as they finish the draw and then move their aim point down to get on target. Sounds to me like you're doing the opposite.

thats what i try to do but in sometimes it drops below the target and i cant get it back up.

. Sounds to me like you need a lighter draw or a stronger arm. I'll ask around and see what my bow hunting acquaintances say.