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To buy or Not to buy: Lego- Mindstorms NXT Answered

Just enquiring with you fine folk, as to whether anyone has the set and if so what they think of it. I am contemplating purchasing a set tomorrow and was wondering what your impressions of it were, good or bad. I was generally hoping to build some basic interactive robots etc. I realise the NXT has many limitatios, yet my electonic circuit building skills I would say are limited... still learning though... That is why I was thinking the NXT system as it is almost as simple as plug 'n' play... the hacks available now seem rather extensive too. I will certainly be looking at posting some of my own if I do purchase it. If you have any input at all I would be very interested to hear. So what do you think To buy or Not to buy? Thanks for your time.


Just to up-date. Bought the kit and I think my brain is going to explode!!

I would have to say above the fantastic design and functionality of Lego the Online community and projects it supports are the best part.


I got to project 240 and thought, geez I must be almost at the end of their project list, no there are over 6000 projects and counting. The unique interaction across the globe with compatible NXT programs for the projects is amazing.... Make a cool project then provide details and program files to run it to the Lego community.

I must say though, for such an amazing kit they could have got the initial build programs right.

One of the first tasks is to get your robot to move up to and stop at a blue ball. Alas the ball is very light weight and not heavy enough to trigger to "touch" sensor before it role away. Hold it with your finger and it works fine. I simple design flaw yet a flaw within the first steps. Not a good way to impress young minds or gain attention...

I have seen the NXT programming environment, and although it is a simple interface, it can do some adavnced stuff. You can also write code to program it. I found a NXT robot on the internet the other day that could solve a rubiks cube with the basic kit.

If I had the spare cash, I'd by it.

Along with a Mini, a Revolution kite, a VW camper, a new PC, a new digicam ...

Have you seen the new Mini Clubman? That is something I would buy!

The door is on the wrong side for the UK - passengers have to get out into moving traffic, and there are (apparently) no plans to make a version the other way round.

And the Mini I want is the original British version, not the version made by BMW...

I wouldn't mind an original Mini either...