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To cut a 4X4 post? Answered

Is it better to use a Miter saw or can I just use a Circular saw?




Best Answer 9 years ago

Either way will work. The miter saw will probably give a cleaner, more square cut. In either case, unless you have a honkin' big saw, you will have to rotate the 4x4 to complete the cut. I have cut 4x4s by cutting across to the maximum depth with a circular saw, then turning the 4x4 90 degrees. Place circular saw so that blade enters the cut that was made, and make the next cut. Turn another 90 degrees, do the same. The cut isn't perfectly clean but it's pretty good; clean it up with a rasp if you need an absolutely flat cut.

Miter saw, most defently. they have a much mor precise system and are faster if you need to cut a lot of them.

well you can use a chainsaw a hand saw or just set your circular saw as deep as it goes and cut on opposite sides at the same spot, that should do it. if not cut the other two sides and cut the middle piece out with a hand saw (you will know what I am talking about if you have to do this) or just hit it with a hammer and break it off. hope this helps

Chainsaw :D Prfesser has it down though - miter is best, you'll need ~10inch miter saw to cut a 4x4 cleanly.