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To the Instructables sysadmins Answered

Happy Sysadmin day! Where would we be without you... out in the Big Blue Room, I suppose *shudder*
So, have a good one!


"Sysadmin Day"??

Who invented that - Sysadmins, or Hallmark?

A podcast? That's interesting... probably.

It's a text story as well.  Go here, and scroll down to find the version you want.

I might actually do that, if you can tell me why I want to. Right now you have only told me that you prefer it to a mediocre blog entry, which doesn't tell me all that much. Or is this a British, understated version of a glowing recommendation? ;-)

The latter.

Cory Doctorow is an excellent writer, and an excellent person - he sells his books, but also makes them free to download as PDFs and Kindle files.

Whoa, be careful... We don't want you to pull a muscle or something. ;-)

... and thanks!