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To whom it may concern. Answered

There are roughly 10 or so people that know the REAL truth, the rest of you are just butting in, either you've just heard DJ's side or just heard KI's side. Alot of the "pro's" are suddenly butting in, but not saying one word to DJ, which I find incredibly stupid, since nearly all the comments we make are REPLIES. But, that's just me, and I doubt you actually care what one person thinks, that is the problem with instructables. Either way, I just think that maybe if certain people will stop posting comments like "KI SUKS IT BANNDDED ME" or something like that, nothing will happen. You do realise that KI were actually ignoring these things, right? So anyway, just thought I'd post this forum topic.



You do realize that none of my arguments against KI are not based off of anyone banning me. I wasn't banned, I got my account deleted willingly. I asked for my account removed. I just thought that I would set that part straight. I have nothing more to say here.

I sick and tired of the KI/Ibles thing, I only use Ibles because it is more conveiniet to upload pictures, I am not sur about other people but I just want to build guns or other weapons and have fun.