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Toaster Oven Recipes - Need this category in FOOD Answered

There needs to be either a contest for cooking stuff in a toaster oven, or a category in food for cooking in a toaster oven.  I'm going to college in a few months and I need yummy recipes and how to make them cook right in a toaster oven, since I can have one in my dorm.


Look at tetranitrate's Collegiate-Meals

Think about doing the same, because if you don't know how to cook it should be a positive learning experience. (do ask your mother for advice)


I see his point, though - sometimes you only have access to limited cooking tools. Trebuchet03's collegiate meals presuppose you can get your hands on a burner and such.

It's that long since I read any, but I'd thought he was aiming for this sort of audience.