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Toasting Marshmallows on a Jacob's Ladder Answered

Check out what the NYC Resistor hacker collective is up to! A bunch of NYC geeks & artists, doing weird stuff, gotta love 'em. The link contains a video, a bit choppy but still viewable.


Oh, and the marshmallows they toasted had actually been made by a member. (I wonder if they used [http:///id/Walnut-%26-Chocolate-Covered-Homemade-Marshmallows/ this recipe]?)


Wow! That is cool...

That is brilliant - and it was posted by Bre Pettis.

For that distinctly gourmet Ozone taste in your marshmellows..... :-)

Hah, like a chocolate eaten sneakily behind the photocopier...

Photocopiers are serious business. The one at my elementary school would stink up half the hall, the whole teachers' lounge, and for about 15 feet outside the window. I was sent in to get some copies done when I went back a few years later to volunteer... it was like building a model airplane inside a small, unventilated closet. I nearly passed out.

especially when the heat exhaust fan is running :-)

I want to do that... Ever so badly...

There are some seriously cool things in there :-)

I especially liked the idea of the Lillypad device and "wearable art" concept.