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Toilet Paper Roll Ideas Answered

I have a small but growing stack of toilet paper rolls and I'd appreciate ideas for what to do with them. I'm strapped for ideas after hitting an idea block.... asdgfasdf


You could pland seeds in them, then when it's time to plant out your seedlings, slash the tube lenghtways a coule of times with a craft knife and plant the whole lot. The card will break down into your soil and if you're careful with the knife you won't disturb the roots.

There are 2 ways around that. Firstly, your plant may be one that gets planted out very soon after sprouting, in which case you can water it gently with a plant mister - not enough water to destroy the cardboard. The other option is to set each tube into the bottom half of a plastic bottle. I am currently building a home-made propagator using the second method, I'll post instructions once it's done. The advantage of that is that you can cover the seedlings with the cut-off bottle tops - like mini-cloches

in method 2 you can make the plastic a bit wider at the top. then its easy to slide out the plant once its ready

Isn't it amazing what you can do with the humble bog roll?

for a kids activity -- have kids decorate the tubes with markers, paint, tape, construction paper, etc. Tape the tubes together and make play binoculars. Goes very well with a pirate theme party for 5 year olds!! (if you can't use them, offer them to an elementary school or pre-school teacher.)

These are all great! Keep them coming! :D


9 years ago

Try building furniture out of them.

Hamster trails (temporary only, as they like to chew on stuff like that too).


9 years ago

Makeshift camera adapter for a telescope or some binoculars maybe

Why don't you tape them all together from end to end then go out on a boat to the ocean then put the tube monster thing straight down in the water and talk to the fishes at the bottom of the ocean. Your welcome...

nothing you could really do with them.. maybe make an art sculpture? but keep collecting them

shells for pneumatic cannon