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Tombuckey's Orangeboard Answered

so my orangeboard broke : / so post comments here other wise i wont reply okay?


If you reject your patch your Orangeboard will work.

Cuz I want the patches. And I gave a link on my orangeboard to a secondary orangeboard.

Ture. If My OB would still of worked I would of gotten over 100 comments.

First off anyone with a patch their OB will not work. Second Serial-Cricket rejected his patch and his OB works now.

I know, look at the forum DJ posted. I wouldn't take credit for something I didn't do.

I did not know that knexsniper1 did it, I thought you found out all on your own.

I rejected all of my patches, it works now. I have posted a topic, and you got credit.


8 years ago


Quick! Say something random, NOW!

WWWWWo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0oWWWWWWW is that good? lol only jokin

Just starting taking pictures of my Assault pistol (14 round mag) and my breaking sniper for their upcoming 'ibles! (For the entire history of the assault pistol (apart from the v5 that I am posting) see the comment section of the breaking sniper video)

dudddeeeeee you where 1 min away from gettin my 400th comment coz the person before you posted a commenrt litarly 1 min before you :)

hey, i know how to fix your ob, it was my own idea, and DJ tried it out, and it works. you see that patch on your profile page? get rid of it, i found out that the patches are causing orangeboards to shut down.


8 years ago

hey, subscriber! i'm working on a all new knex gun, it's a new slide acction pistol that uses cartriges just like a real pistol!!. thanks for reading, Axiys Zx