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Tomorrow off school? Answered

First of all, I know this isn't knex related. Get over it. This is like the most popular section on ibles, and I mainly interact with the people who check here.
Anywho, I was just wondering... Does everyone have the day off from school tomorrow? (Veterans day... 11/11/09)
If so, what will you be doing?


We don't, but I think we have a half day. I don't remember.

Well, that's good. Plus, then it doesn't detract from your total schooldays.
Although that might not be as much of a problem for you as it is for me. I live in Washington, so we have to make up a lot of snow days.

What are you talking about you must live north of me.
The most I've had was like 3 or 4 in one year.

Not by a lot. Last year we had ~7 or 8. I'm not sure exactly. Too many though.

Yeah... Our principle and vice-principle both being wusses doesn't help either. =P
They call snowdays on like 1.5 inches...

wow yeah. For us they call it if there are like 4 or so or if they cant get there.

Well last year wasn't normal. My cousin had over a foot last year.

I know. But I normally get 3-4. Thankfully we have a couple snow-days built in.

Yeah. I used to got none because i was in downtown and its a lot warmer there

nope that was today and we still had to go.

true. we call it Armistice day, here we get the 25^th^ of april off (ANZAC day)

I hope the true meaning of the day hasn't been lost on "OMG DAY OF SKOOL!!!".

That's closer.
It'd really be: "D00D! NOE SKOOHL 2DEI!!!"

How about?

If we had school off for every little holiday we had I'd probably be going to school half way into June. I'd rather take it now than when I could be doing stuff outside this summer.

My school, at it's earliest, goes to summer vacation on June 17th.

....Yeah that's 100% true. Last year, we didn't get out 'till the 28th or something like that. But that's also due to snow days. As mentioned above. ^


8 years ago

 Yep, go Armistice Day!

Whatever that is....

The old version of Veterans day. Dwight D. Eisinhower changed in during his presidency.

I have no school. I'm going to come and attack you today with my knex.
About snow, I'd want maybe 1 snow day.....

Yup. No problem. I'll be on my way now....


8 years ago

I don't. We did have 2 minutes no work though! :)

Oh yeah?! We had 390 minutes of no work!!!!!

Yeah, but...um... Hey look a distraction!
<runs away and hides behind a tree>

NO WAY!!! WHERE?!?!?
*Looks around frantically, with a heartbroken expression on my face.*



You don't live in teh USA.

Yes, but we also have a two-minute silence to remember those who died. 11/11. Do you wear a poppy?

Not the most popular ibles section.  And yes, I do.

Well, the 'Kids' section probably fits best, and it's dead. So I posted here.
What're you going to do with your time off?

Well, since my knex won't come until Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Whenever, I will sit around playing halo.

Nah, I don't have off.  My school will be respecting Veteran's Day though.  On the other hand, we really need a "Make-Peace" day. 

Dang. Well, at least you have an assembly or something to take up some time.
I had an assembly today. They did a whole lot of nothing. That fold-a-flag-into-a-football thing took up about 30 min. =P