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Too all Instructablonians: Rockin an awesome lunchbox? I wanna hear about it. Answered

I currently don a teenie-tiny plastic brown-bag shaped lunch tote that barely fits an 8oz water bottle, sandwich, chips, and ice pack. I need something with a bit more room for food. At an impressive 5'3" and 105 lbs, I'm a growing man, and I need my fuel.

But I don't want just some clearance-rack generic latest-movie/pop icon plastered lunchbox, no sir. I want an bullet-proof, high-capacity, industrial-strength lunch transportation system. Something that will make people say "Holy crap, that guy's a MAKER." 

I want a lunch box that scores major cool points. Something that has character. Something that has features, like extreme insulation or something.

Bottom line: it needs to be big, look cool, and last a long time. Price isn't an issue, Christmas is coming up :D

So, ibles, how cool is YOUR lunchbox?


i would go out to harbor freight or a similar store and get one of the fun aluminum tool cases they have (http://www.harborfreight.com/17-1-2-half-inch-x-12-1-2-half-inch-x-7-1-2-half-inch-aluminum-tool-case-36871.html). then customize the heck out of it.

think of making a secret locking mechanism, maybe actuated by a reed switch and a solenoid, you put a magnet in just the right spot and it opens. some kind of crazy electronic alarm, with a few servos you could even make it open and close automatically.

Mine sports nothing cool on the outside,  it is WELL insulated however, and I included a soda can nearby for size comparison ;-)   Yeah, that's a rocking chair it is setting on

And the indentation on the top is for a thermos bottle to lay in (a famous Alladin Stainless Steel one). 
01-Instructables  Lunch Box_12092009_103735.JPG

AWESOME! I have one EXACTLY like that, but I can't use it for school unfortunately. It won't even fit in my locker! xD

Yes,  it is a big-un  isn't it :-) 

.  I have (had? haven't seen it in a while) one of those with the thermos. Got it as a safety award at work.

that was when he visited Margaritaville......it's different now....

I like beer 

I need a replacement....mine is cracking inside....been using it for nearly 27 years now....

You should go for a deluxe bento box. :D

Ohhh, I like bento boxes. Most of them have cute little pictures on them :3

Have you ever had one? My only gripes are that they aren't really meant for holding drinks.. and are they insulated very well?

 I just have a bag I fill with food, then that gets transferred to a fridge at work. Yeah, some of the food items may get crushed, but I am never limited by a box.

That's what I did all  through school,  that is after I got made fun of for having a LAMB on the outside of my metal box in the 5th grade (my Mom didn't know any better). But I didn't use one of those little bags they sell for that purpose, I used the ones that were about twice that size  ;-) 

Steel toolbox is hard to beat for "bullet-proof, high-capacity, industrial-strength." Better yet, two steel toolboxes that nest. Spray some foam into the larger one, smush the smaller one in, shave off the excess foam, and it's even insulated.

Or if you want EXTREME INSULATION, fill the gap with aerogel. Price isn't an issue, right?

Price isn't an issue, what about the fact that you (to this date) cannot buy it in solid form (I mean large chunk solid form)?  I guess buying a ton of granules would work, and cramming them into the toolbox.

Actually, that would work quite well. Hold the inner box in the right spot, and pour in granules around it, then a layer of foam to secure them, and secure the box. It is rather expensive, though...United Nuclear is the only place I know of that carries aerogel, and they sell a 950cc bottle for $35. From a quick guesstimate, that's probably over $200 to fill a good-sized Stanley with an inch of insulation, which might be pushing what your parents are willing to spend on a lunchbox, even for Christmas.

Or manufacture your own in a shell of the right shape...so easy a ten-year-old can do it.

 I generally brown bag it with an army canteen for drink. I concur with Cameron's stainless steel idea.

Insulation isn't that hard - if you lined with expanded polystyrene-foam and inserted an inner plastic box. You could screw (anything) on the outside.


> I want an bullet-proof, high-capacity, industrial-strength lunch transportation system.

Use a portable safe. It has the added bonus of being extra secure so no one will steal your PB & J. 
> Something that has features, like extreme insulation or something.

Get some Thinsulate (tm) fabric and line the safe with it. If you really want Ash Ketchum's face on it, you could purchase licensed Pokemon character stickers.   


Then all you'd need is a lackey to carry it around for you, because safes are heavy, and also to deflect questions such as "What's in the safe?" and "What are you doing with a safe covered with Pokemon stickers?" :-)

But don't get Al Capone's vault, you'll have an annoying TV host/reporter follow you around and will find that it holds nothing.