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Too much rain Answered

It has been raining the past 3 or so days where I am, off and on. I need sunshine to finish up my instructable. This isn't fair, haha. i need to take pictures and video and then i can publish it, but as of now, its raining today, and supposed to rain tomorrow and the next day i think.


i have decided to scrap the rocket idea, considering i only have a week till i go back to school, and another reason is i may have thought up a better idea. Which may be sure to impress a lot of people (i dont know why). and no i will not be giving any hints at this one because theres nothing i can think of to hint at, or id be giving my idea away :P

i don't think my rocket is going to work. i tried a test run today while it wasn't drizzling (and after it got realllllly humid). and it didn't go up. either i'm going to have to do some research for my launch pad or something, or just try something completely new, as i have not been able to get to finishing my homemade rocket engine (i have the casing, i just need the fuel hehehe). another thing is, i have to be a bit careful since explosives/fireworks/stuff like that, is not legal in new jersey. lucky for me, i have a bigg(er) backyard where i can not be seen if something goes wrong, and then again, i shall have a bucket of water, and/or hose handy.


10 years ago

Whoa. It's the dry season here in CA, so we forget the rest of you may have rain delays! (It won't rain here until about October.)

Yea, it's a bummer (I know). But do tell us about this sunshine-dependant Instructable? L

i shall keep it a secret.. haha.. but i will give on little hint. its rocket related

Oh yes, NASA don't take-off in bad weather either. I'll be interested to see how you do this, I had a motor fail on me this week and some (ingredients) also fail, so I never got my rocket tested... :( L

I live in southeast PA, and it just stopped raining yesterday here. Everything is wet.

its not raining here in MASSACHUSETTS.

I live in NJ, probably should have mentioned that. Its gotta clear up soon.

Same here, I live in PA, but it looks like its clearing up this morning.

same for me it has been raining for the past three days and it should stop somting next week.