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Too much scrolling to view sequential images Answered

When there are multiple images in a step, it's extremely tedious to have to scroll down, click the next image for it to load, then scroll up to the area where the image is viewed. For those of us with small laptop screens, this is Just No Fun. May I suggest a "next" button, or some way to proceed to the next image within the step without having to scroll? I'd like to be able to view images at 100% size, not squinch them down to be able to click/view without scrolling. Thank you for considering this.


I suggest portrait screen usage. Most websites do not exceed a width of 1024 pixels for backwards compatibility. The actualy business area of instructables is only 800 wide.

Yes Jake, we know you use three screens...

I never said anything about running 3 screens, just about running the main one portrait.

Yes yes, but for those in the know, it is a bit sugestive.
I was also making a random useless comment btw

I was not suggesting it at all, i was more thinking back to the time when i hand a small single laptop that i used to run in portrait.


9 years ago

A "next" button is a fine idea... ...although the project in your illustration is an example of how NOT to build an instructable. If any one step has more than 4 or 5 images, it's worth making multiple steps... (I've noticed some folks load all their images at once, in the intro page. It's a first-time oops.)

Yah, there hsould be a sapce out your images sugestion note thingy

I agree that it can get a little frustrating. It's probably one of the only things that bothers me about ibles. A next button would do wonders!

. Or maybe something like the navigation for slideshows?