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Top 10 BBQ Instructables Answered

With the 4th of July quickly approaching and summer heading into full swing, we've selected some of our favorite barbecue-related Instructables. These are not only about the cooking, but also about the whole barbecue experience--from meal accessories to the grill itself.

Don't forget about the BBQ PDQ Contest, which is open until July 6th!

Ground Beef Burgers
For a fresh, from-scratch burger, check out this recipe. You can follow it all the way from grinding the beef to serving the completed burger.

Grilled Stuffed Peppers
You can do a lot more with the grill than just making burgers, hot dogs, and chicken. These stuffed peppers are a great way to use your grill for a very different type of meal.

Cut A Watermelon
No summer barbecue is complete without watermelon— and you can cut your watermelon and remove the seeds at the same time.

Jello Fruit Salad
This Jello fruit salad brings a sweet, summery touch to go along with your main meal.

Make a Pie Crust
Trying to make a classic 4th of July apple pie? Use this pie crust and fill with whatever you like to make the perfect pie.

Sweet Soy Ribs
For a different spin on grilling ribs, try these sweet soy grilled short ribs or use the marinade to coat something else.

Frozen Banana Smoothie
What could be better than enjoying the summer days with a cold fruit smoothie? This frozen banana smoothie will satisfy anyone at your barbecue.

Start BBQ Coals
If you're having trouble getting the coals to light for your barbecue, check out these helpful tips to get your grill going strong.

Build Your Own BBQ
For a slightly larger project, you can make a barbecue area in your own backyard. This professional-looking project would fit in well in any yard.

Or, if you want to be questioned by police (or family, friends, neighbors, etc.) you can try the revolutionary hobobeque. No explanation can do it justice, but it would certainly make for an interesting BBQ story.

With these BBQ recipes, tips, and ideas, your barbecue can be more enjoyable than ever before.


The Hobobeque is the best by far..

Hahaha the Fire-Engine came :P

hobobeque is awsome as most of tetranitrate instructables

haha...yep....did he get a ticket? (see video)

This was VERY clever. It was definitely worth viewing/reading. Don't let the Government get ya down guys this was GREAT and it REALLY does represent the creativity and ingenuity that make true red blooded AMERICANS- Rock on guys !!!!!

creative and ingenuitive American ideas like the hobobeque? Just kidding, I agree that this is a great idea that was worth reading. Well done, Joshf

I have two 'ibles that I really want to complete but need my wages in so I can buy the materials, and need an excuse to be in the shop for another reason... Also I plan to revive the hoboque with a newer version...