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Top 10 Lightsaber Mash Ups Answered

"The Star Wars kid has gotten a lot of shite over the years, mainly because he's not a professional. He simply didn't have the training necessary to pull off that fight sequence. On the other hand, there are lots of professionals who do have the training and simply lack the means to wield it. I'm talking about people like Aragorn, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Westley. If somehow you could only put a lightsaber in these fearsome warriors hands...Ugh, blogging. What am I even talking about? Let's just be ourselves, you guys. I found a bunch of clips on YouTube where people took fight sequences from other movies and overlaid lightsabers on top of them using magic, and they are hilarious, and you're gonna love it."



where can you get free video editing software

Lol, I make those on youtube, check them out; look up my username. They aren't as good as RvD or anything, but I have professional software now and am re-working all of the videos.

Dang I really wanta lightsaber....

haha i love the labels "Blade shroud emitter" "cycling field energizers" "focusing crystal activator" brilliant :D