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Top 10 Summer Instructables Answered

Summer is finally here, and so we've selected the top 10 Instructables related to the summer months. From enjoying the sun to cooling off, here are some of our favorites.

These are in no particular order, and there are plenty more great Instructables that didn't make the list but could be fun or helpful this summer.

Instant Hammock

This instant hammock is a simple, easy way to relax under the sun. The directions are clear and the moving images make following the directions a breeze.

Fly a Kite

This very appropriate Instructable from Kiteman gives you all of the information, and then some, about how to fly a kite.

Cozy Boat

If kite flying isn't your thing, perhaps you'd enjoy a scenic boat ride. A simple, easy-to-build boat (and its upgraded incarnations) could add a fun element to your summer.

PVC Air Cannon

For a little more summer fun, you could throw water balloons...or you could shoot them 250 feet with this cannon. I'd go with the cannon.

Make Lemonade

After a hot day, there's no better way to cool down than with a tall glass of lemonade. Try this, or one of the many other Instructables recipes.

Tetris Ice Cubes

To cool the lemonade, though, you'll need ice. You can make your lemonade that much better by adding these tetris-shaped ice cubes.

LED Picnic Blanket

To enjoy your ice-cold tetris lemonade, you'll want to sit outside and bask in the weather. This LED picnic blanket, with hard center serving surface, could be a great option for a drink or an entire meal. Plus, the lights give the blanket nice ambience for a nighttime meal.

Solar Lawn Mower

Before you can picnic in the grass, however, your grass needs to be mowed. This upgraded lawn mower uses solar power to provide the energy to power the machine. You still have to mow the lawn yourself, though.

Beach Cover-Up

If you want to look good while you picnic or when you hang around the beach, this Instructable turns an old towel into an attractive piece of clothing.

Heat-Blocking Curtains

If your house is hot and muggy, being inside will be anything but relieving. You can turn the AC up, but that uses up an absurd amount of energy and makes the electricity bill skyrocket. These simple, cheap curtains could keep some of the heat out and make your house more efficient and comfortable.

These are only a few of the Instructables you can use to your advantage this summer. Enjoy the summer (unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere)!



10 years ago

The pvc air cannon shoots over 250 FEET not yards


Reply 10 years ago

mistake fixed--thanks for catching that.


Reply 10 years ago

no problem, i love instructables.


10 years ago

Thanks for the great summer mash-up! I can't wait to try all of these.


10 years ago

Im planning on making a BIG summer instructable with different sections like
  • The Perfect Picnic
  • Pool Games
  • Homemade Pool toys
  • Solar hand-held fans
And some other topics too, It will take me a while to finish though :P
I really really want to be on that beach right now !!

dont steal my idea noobs